Nighttime Oasis: How to Make Your Concrete Patio an Evening Destination

Is your concrete patio a nighttime oasis or an evening eyesore? No matter how big or small the patio, you can make it part of a beautiful backyard design that will impress your guests. It’s time to stop thinking about your patio as an afterthought and create an Instagram-worthy evening destination before the clock strikes midnight.

Extend Your Concrete Patio

Don’t let a tiny patio keep you from hosting evening events. Expanding the patio into your backyard will allow you to add more outdoor furniture, a concrete bar, or even an outdoor kitchen. Or, construct sidewalks to guide guests to and from other areas of the backyard.

Choose the Perfect Concrete Patio Application

Plain, gray concrete is an okay choice for certain unimaginative homeowners. However, choosing a more stylish concrete application will provide a more-stunning base for your resort-style evening look.

Stamped Concrete

Do you dream of dancing in the moonlight on the cobblestone streets of Paris? With stamped concrete, you can create the texture of brick, stone, slate, or wood on your patio without the steep price tag. It might seem like a small detail, but this trick of the eye and feeling underfoot truly gives one a sense of luxury. Just add some music, and get the dance party started.

Polished Concrete

If sleek is more your style, consider polishing your concrete patio. All it takes is a professional to sand it down until it shines and seal it with a protective coating. Spilled wine or dropped s’mores won’t be a problem for this type of patio because it’s so easy to clean.

Stained Concrete

Whether you go with a stamped or polished concrete patio, why not add some color? Any shade of brown, red, green, or gray can be applied to match your backyard design aesthetic, and it will look fabulous no matter the lighting.

Add a Custom Fireplace or Fire Pit

Nothing lights up an evening party like the dancing flames of an outdoor fire. Keep guests warm on chilly Des Moines evenings by installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. You and your guests can do dozens of activities around a campfire. You will feel the joys of camping with family and friends – without having to sleep in a tent.

Decoration Ideas for Your Concrete Patio

Once you have your ideal concrete canvas, it’s time to prepare it for a moonlit gathering. Here are some ideas for how to decorate your new space:

  • String heavy-duty lights from the top of your porch to a tree and back again.
  • Light citronella candles to keep mosquitos away.
  • Provide outdoor ottoman cubes so guests can put up their feet.
  • Use planters to bring outdoor greenery onto the patio.
  • Put candles inside mason jars and use string to hang them from tree branches.
  • Line sidewalks with solar-powered lights to help guests find their way.

Speck USA Can Create Your Perfect Backyard Design

When you’re ready to get started on your nighttime oasis, contact the experts at Speck USA. No contractor in the Des Moines area knows concrete better than us – we have been in this business for over 50 years, after all. After your initial consultation, we won’t rest until you’re happy with the final product. Soon enough, your house will be the place to be for ultimate nighttime gatherings.

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