Spring Cleaning: Concrete Flooring That is Easy to Clean

When choosing a flooring option for your home or business, it’s vital to consider the ease of maintenance for each type. Concrete flooring is one of the easiest types of floors to clean, and it will continue to look beautiful for decades to come. Here’s some more information about the durability and versatility of concrete flooring.

Where Can I Install Concrete Floors in My Home or Business?

The answer to this question is simple — anywhere! Living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, entryways, patios, pool decks, walkways, laundry rooms… the list goes on and on. Properly maintained concrete floors can last 25 years or more, depending on wear and tear. Tile, carpet, wood floors, and decking simply cannot match the durability of concrete.

Different Concrete Flooring Finishes

Concrete floors can be made to be as unique as your fingerprint. Having it polished and sealed is perfect for interior spaces such as kitchens, warehouses, or offices, and the sealing process will make it more stain resistant. 

You might prefer stamped concrete for outdoor spaces because the texture will make it less slippery in the rain. Additionally, your patio or walkway will look elevated without the high cost of laying bricks or pavers. 

In either case, adding a stain to your concrete floors will give them the perfect color to complement your design style. 

How to Maintain Concrete Flooring

Cleaning concrete floors of everyday dirt couldn’t be easier. For indoor floors, simply sweep or vacuum to remove debris and mop with warm water and mild detergent. Outdoor concrete is even easier to maintain because you can blow dirt away with a leaf blower and rinse it off with a hose or power washer.

How to Clean Stains on Unsealed Concrete

Unsealed concrete is more susceptible to stains than sealed concrete. Motor oil stains are common in garages and on driveways. Cover these unsightly stains with cornstarch and let it sit for a few days before sweeping it away. 

Tackle food, beverage, or mystery stains by mixing a commercial cleaning product with water and scrubbing the solution into the area with a stiff brush. 

Rust stains call for white vinegar, mildew calls for a bleach solution, and tire marks do well with a degreaser. Use a stiff brush to scrub all of these solutions into their respective stains.

When to Repair or Replace Concrete Flooring

Professional concrete companies can repair minor cracks and periodic stains. However, if you’re dealing with large cracks, you might be better off starting over with a new pour job. Only a professional can tell you whether or not cracks are a surface-level problem or if they indicate a foundation problem that cannot be easily repaired.

Hire the Concrete Flooring Experts

Speck USA is your one-stop shop for installing, repairing, or replacing concrete floors. We have been providing Des Moines homes and businesses with concrete flooring for over five decades, so you can rest assured that the quality of our work is second to none. Call us at 515-417-1477 to schedule your in-person consultation. You’ll be happy you did.

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