When Is the Best Time for a Swimming Pool Renovation?

If you’re considering a pool renovation in Iowa, we are sure you’re planning carefully. One factor on your punch list may be timing: When is the best time for a swimming pool renovation?

As a leader in outdoor design, home improvement, and concrete pool renovation in Iowa for almost sixty years, Speck USA can contribute something valuable as you learn about renovating your swimming pool. In particular, we have learned a lot about the best time of year to launch your pool renovation.

Assessing Your Pool’s Condition

First things first: Before deciding on a timeline, take a good look at your pool. 

Is your pool showing signs of wear and tear, like cracks, damage, or outdated features?

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a home with an older pool that doesn’t quite fit your style or your family’s needs.

These are clear indicators that the time for a pool renovation is pretty close to right now.

Planning for the Off-Season

In Iowa, the off-season for swimming pools is typically during the cooler months, especially in the fall.

This is an ideal time to plan your pool renovation. Not only will you avoid disrupting your summer swim time, but you’ll also find that our contractors have more availability and can often complete the project more quickly.

Considering the Scope of Your Renovation

The extent of your renovation will also influence the timeline you settle on. You may wish to get started early in the off-season for larger projects, or later in the off-season for smaller projects.

If you’re looking at a complete overhaul, including resurfacing and adding new features like in-pool seating or a salt system, you’ll want to start planning well before the swimming season. This ensures that every detail is taken care of, and your pool is ready to enjoy when the warm weather arrives. 

When Is the Best Time for a Swimming Pool Renovation?

Coordinating with Your Lifestyle

Think about your personal schedule and any upcoming events. 

Are you hosting a big family gathering or a special occasion next summer? If so, you’ll want your pool renovation completed in time to showcase your updated backyard gathering place. A full slate of traveling, or one or two extended trips may also influence your timeline.

Preparing for the Unexpected

It’s always wise to allow some extra time in your renovation schedule for unexpected delays. 

Weather conditions, permit approvals, family needs, and material availability can all impact the timeline of your project.

Utilizing Professional Pool Renovation Services

When you choose Speck USA for your concrete pool renovation, you’re not just getting a contractor — you’re getting a partner who understands and appreciates how important your schedule is.

Our team of experienced and rigorously trained pool renovation experts will work with you to schedule your renovation at a time that minimizes inconvenience and maximizes your enjoyment of the finished product.

The Best Time Is Now

By our metric, we mean literally and figuratively, now. 

April is a great time to start laying down concrete plans—pun intended—for your future swimming pool renovation. You’re eager to schedule your pool renovation, and we are eager to make something great together. Planning for your renovation now can help you get on our schedule faster.

Ultimately, the best time for a swimming pool renovation is when it aligns with your needs, your lifestyle, and your vision for your outdoor space. Reach out to Speck USA today and let’s talk through your options and get your beautiful pool renovation on the books.

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