9 Activities to Enjoy Around a Custom Fire Pit

The echoes of beauty you’ve seen transpire, 

Resound through dying coals of a campfire.

– Ernest Hemingway

If you’re considering installing a custom fire pit in your backyard, you might be wondering how much you’ll actually use it. If you like entertaining your children, grandchildren, or friends, you’ll likely get ample use out of your investment. Whether it’s gas powered or wood burning, who doesn’t love the mesmerizing calm that comes when staring at a campfire? Here are nine activities that will make your custom fire pit well worth it. 

1. Cook Food on Your Custom Fire Pit

Give your family a taste of what it is like to cook in the great outdoors. Did you know marshmallows and hot dogs aren’t the only things you can cook on a stick? How about bacon, pigs in a blanket, or chicken kebabs with mushrooms, peppers, and onions? If you can score a campfire grate and cast iron skillet, the possibilities are truly endless.

Pro tip: Installing stamped and sealed concrete around your fire pit will make dropped s’mores extra easy to clean up. 

2. Tell Stories

Make your children or grandchildren laugh by telling stories from your childhood. Additionally, play the game where one person starts a made-up story, and the others add to it. Storytime around your custom fire pit will can help make memories to last a lifetime.

3. Play Music

You don’t necessarily need a guitar to enjoy music around a campfire. You can connect to a portable speaker or simply sing acapella. 

4. Have a Date Night

Sweep your significant other off their feet by planning a campfire-lit date night. Romantic music, dinner al fresco, and deep conversations are all somehow better by the warm glow of a campfire.

5. Have a Glow Party Around Your Custom Fire Pit

Turn up the music, hand out glow sticks or sparklers, and turn off the house lights. With a little extra shine, all your family and friends will love a fun glow party. You can thank us later.

6. Play Games

Charades, Telephone, Two Truths and a Lie, or Would You Rather are sure to get your fire friends laughing and having fun.

7. Camp in the Backyard

Take the camping vibes to the next level by pitching a tent next to your custom fire pit. It’s easier to be “outdoorsy” when an indoor bathroom is a few feet away.

8. Dry Off by Your Custom Fire Pit After Swimming

If you plan on building a pool or spa in your backyard this year, having a fire pit will make drying off more bearable when it’s cool outside.

9. Quiet Your Mind

Guided concentration apps or podcasts usually include a fire-themed options because the crackling sounds and dancing flames help to ease the mind. With a custom fire pit, you can unplug and zone out any time you want with no phone required.

Speck USA Can Give You the Custom Fire Pit of Your Dreams

At Speck USA, we are the experts in all things related to backyard concrete design. We can give you a stained, polished, or stamped patio complete with a custom fire pit to make you the sultan of s’mores. Everyone lucky enough to be invited to your patio parties will be impressed. Call us at 515-417-1477 to schedule a consultation. Let us show you what quality workmanship looks like!

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