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8 Irresistible Ways to Add a Fire Pit to Your Backyard Design

One of the best things about a fire pit is that you can enjoy it deep into the off-season. 

A fire pit can be the conclusion to so many wonderful kinds of days:

  • Summer days spent by the pool
  • Autumn days peeping foliage or gathering apples
  • Days spent celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more
  • Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day
  • Impromptu fires to burn off yard waste
  • Enjoying company and hot cocoa
  • Or just to stave off the end of a stimulating day that you are not quite ready to let go of 

A fire provides warmth as evenings cool, light as skies darken, and the intangible, mesmerizing crackle that transfixes anyone who rests by it. 

Based on the decades of experience accumulated by the fire pit and backyard design experts at Speck USA, here are eight irresistible ways to incorporate a fire pit into your backyard gathering place.

Make Your Fire Pit the Centerpiece of Your Outdoor Living Room

Imagine a plush outdoor living room with a fire as its centerpiece. 

Arrange comfortable seating around it, and you’ve got the perfect spot for relaxing evenings and lively conversations. Roast marshmallows, strum your ukulele or acoustic guitar (use your laminate guitar or beater — the heat can be harmful to solid-body guitars), or talk out your day with a loved one or good friend. Curl up with the kids, scroll along your Kindle, listen to music, warm your feet, and poke those logs. 

8 Irresistible Ways to Add a Fire Pit to Your Backyard Design

Enhance Your Poolside with Your Fire Pit

A fire pit near your pool can extend poolside fun into the cooler evenings. 

It’s a great place to dry off, warm up, and enjoy the ambiance of flickering flames after a swim. And when you’ve been by the fire too long, take a quick dip in your nice cool pool from Speck USA.

Create a Cozy Dining Area

Incorporate a fire pit table into your outdoor dining area. It’s a unique way to keep your meals warm and your conversations lively, turning every dinner into a special occasion. For dessert, turn off the grill and get ready for s’mores or roasted marshmallows. 

8 Irresistible Ways to Add a Fire Pit to Your Backyard Design

Design a Family Retreat

A fire pit is a perfect addition to a family retreat area in your backyard. 

We’ve seen it many times: Fire pits help people open up. The intangible, almost hypnotic combination of nightfall and crackling, waving flames is conducive to good conversations, bonding, sharing, and camaraderie. Sit with a spouse, with the kids, or all together, and unwind under the moon and stars. 

Make It the Focal Point of Your Garden

Place your fire pit in the center of your garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants. 

It’s a wonderful way to enjoy your garden even on cooler days and nights. The cool colors of a garden, especially in moonlight, are a vivid and stimulating contrast with the gold, white, and orange of the gently dancing flames. 

And a custom fire pit doesn’t need to be burning to be an attractive element of your backyard: The designs we will create with you will beautify your space whether lit or not.

Combine with a Water Feature

Combine your fire pit with a water feature, such as a fountain or a small pond. The contrast between fire and water creates a stunning visual effect and adds a sense of tranquility to your backyard.

Set Up a Relaxation Nook

Create a quiet corner in your backyard with a small fire pit, some comfy chairs, and soft lighting. It’s the perfect spot for reading, meditating, or enjoying some alone time.

Host Outdoor Movie Nights

Set up a projector and a screen near your fire pit, and you’ve got an outdoor cinema. 

Enjoy your favorite movies under the stars, with the warmth of the fire adding to the experience. Enjoy any movie you like, whether The Towering Inferno and Backdraft for adults or Frozen or The Goonies with the kids.

Make Your Dream Backyard More Dreamy with a Custom Fire Pit

If this post kindles a passion to integrate a fire pit into your backyard gathering place, log on to Speck USA’s contact page and let us find the perfect match for your space and lifestyle. Talk to you soon!

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