How to Clean Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are generally durable, low maintenance, and highly customizable. Sadly, self-cleaning concrete floors haven’t been invented yet, so until then, we’ll have to figure out how to clean our Des Moines concrete flooring ourselves (or figure out who to ask to come and clean it for us). 

Speck USA is here to help you figure out whether or not you can take care of your dirty concrete by yourself or if you need to call in the “big guns.” We are one of the most experienced concrete companies in Des Moines, after all, so one way or another, your concrete will look as good as new. 

Interior Concrete Floors

How your concrete flooring needs to be cleaned depends on what kind of concrete you have. 

If you have interior concrete flooring, it’s most likely been stained, sealed, polished or coated with epoxy. Luckily, concrete floors with these finishes are resistant to stains and don’t require any regular maintenance besides sweeping and mopping. 

For colorful liquid spills (e.g., wine, juice, food dye, pet stains, etc.), it is imperative that you wipe them up promptly. Scrub the spot with soapy water and a rag to make sure there is no leftover residue. If an unnoticed spill is left overnight, it can penetrate the seal, stain, or polish and will only be removable with professional help.

Sealed floors should also be re-sealed every few years to maintain their stain-resistant benefits.

Exterior Des Moines Concrete Flooring

Exterior concrete floors with no polish, stain, or seal are going to be the most susceptible to stains. This plain kind of concrete is porous, so liquids will seep through quickly. For this reason, you should consider upgrading your driveway, garage floor, patio, or sidewalk to ensure they do not easily look dirty. Whether you choose to stain, stamp, or seal your concrete, Speck USA is who you need to call. Click here to see all the ways we can turn your residential concrete from shabby to chic.

If you want to stick with unstained, unsealed, unpolished concrete floors outside, regular power washing is recommended to maintain a clean look. 

Home Remedies for Stains on Bare Concrete Floors

There are a few DIY solutions you can try to get stains out of bare concrete, depending on what kind of stain it is:

  • Tire marks – Wet the spot with a hose, apply a degreaser and scrub after letting it sit for four hours.
  • Rust – Spray with white vinegar and scrub after letting it sit for thirty minutes.
  • Grease/oil – Cover the spot with cat litter or cornstarch and let it sit for three days before vacuuming it.
  • General or unknown stains – Scrub with dish soap and water.

You should use a stiff nylon brush to scrub bare concrete for all of these remedies. Metal brush bristles can break off into the porous surface and cause additional damage over time.

Call the Experts for Tough Stains

If you can’t manage to make your floors look perfectly clean on your own, there’s no shame in calling for backup. You won’t find better Des Moines concrete flooring experts than the hard workers at Speck USA. We can make your old concrete floors look new with a professional cleaning or protect them from future damage by applying professional-grade stains, sealants and epoxies to get them looking good as new. The quality of our work is second to none! Give us a call today. 

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