Pool Equipment: When is it Time to Upgrade?

It’s all fun and games until your pool turns from crystal-clear to green and murky. Pool equipment doesn’t last forever, and it’s important to call a pool repair company before it completely croaks. Can you imagine walking in your backyard to see pond water where your pool used to be the day before your pool party? Keep that nightmare from happening by knowing when your pool equipment needs an upgrade.

Signs Your Pool Equipment Needs an Upgrade


Pool pumps can last anywhere from five to fifteen years, depending on their quality and how well they are maintained. If yours is over eight years old and starting to give you problems, it’s wiser to replace it rather than continually repair it. Pool pumps are getting more efficient every year, so investing in a new one will save you money on energy in the long run.

Here are signs your pool pump needs to be replaced other than its age:

  1. The pump shakes or makes loud noises
  2. You see an abundance of bubbles in your pool (this is a sign of a pump leak)
  3. The pump often shuts off unexpectedly
  4. The pump needs frequent repairs for the same issues


You must change your pool filter every two to five years for a standard filter cartridge or every five to fifteen years for a sand or glass media filter. You should periodically remove and clean filter cartridges or backwash sand/glass filters to help them last longer.

You’ll know the filter needs to be replaced if it’s obviously underperforming, damaged, or past its use-by date.


Pool heaters can work fine for five to 25 years, once again, depending on their quality and how well they are maintained. Gas and electric heaters last about the same amount of time. Solar heaters last much longer and are more environmentally friendly.

Have a professional look at your pool heater if you hear strange noises emanating from it or if it’s no longer working to heat your pool. 

Robotic Pool Vacuum

You can expect your robotic pool cleaner to last about three to eight years before it kicks the bucket. Prolong its life by dumping the canister contents after each use and regularly cleaning its filter. 

Here are a few signs that it’s time to shop for a new pool vacuum:

  1. It’s no longer cleaning as well
  2. It’s making strange noises
  3. The motor turns off unexpectedly or won’t turn on at all
  4. It gets stuck often

Take Your Pool Equipment to the Next Level

When your pump/filter system needs to be replaced, consider upgrading to a saltwater system. This alternative to chlorine is becoming more and more popular, as it feels more natural and less like you’re swimming in chemicals.

Another upgrade to consider is a variable-speed pool pump. These are the most energy efficient because they can pump water at a lower speed. Therefore, variable-speed pumps will save you more money than a standard new pool pump over time.

While you’re at it, think about whether or not your whole pool could use a renovation. Whether it’s out of style or covered in cracks, no pool is past the point of being rejuvenated. 

Call Speck USA for All Your Pool Repair Needs

At Speck USA, we specialize in all things pool-related, including regular pool maintenance and not-so-regular pool repairs. You can sit back and relax while we take care of your summer sanctuary. Call us at 515-417-1477 to find out how we can return your pool to its former glory. 

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