6 Pool Renovation Features That Make a Statement

Whether your pool is showing wear and tear or is falling out of style, a pool renovation can make it look as good as new. Concrete pool renovations allow you not only to fix the problems in your pool but also to create a new, better version of your backyard oasis. Need some ideas? Here are six pool renovation features that will help you make a statement.

  1. Refinishing the plaster or changing the tile
  2. Changing the shape
  3. Attaching a spa
  4. Adding concrete features
  5. Re-doing your pool deck
  6. Adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit 

Pool Renovation #1: Refinishing the Plaster or Changing the Tile

You may have built your concrete pool ten years ago, and it needs a simple re-surfacing. You can tell it requires fresh plaster when you notice unsightly stains, leaks, or the surface is no longer smooth to the touch. 

If the tile around the rim of your pool is cracked or is “so” 1985, here’s your chance to pick a tile that perfectly fits your style. A renovation can transform the look and feel of your entire pool.

Pool Renovation #2: Changing the Shape

Maybe your pool’s curvy lima bean shape doesn’t match your modern aesthetic, so you want to swap it for a rectangular shape. Or, perhaps you want to add more space to allow for a tanning ledge or swim-up bar. When working with concrete, the pool shape possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Pool Renovation #3: Attaching a Spa

Do your sore muscles a favor by working a spa into your pool renovation plans. Not only is a spa good for your health, but it will also get you brownie points from your pool party patrons.

Pool Renovation #4: Adding Concrete Features

There are many stunning concrete features you can add to your pool, including extra pool seating, waterfalls, stairs, or tanning ledges. How about a slide? They are fun for kids and adults alike! How about multiple fountains that shoot water in mesmerizing arcs along the back side of your pool? We promise you’ll never think, “I wish I hadn’t made my pool so amazingly beautiful.” 

Pool Renovation #5: Re-Doing Your Pool Deck

A cracked, outdated pool deck is bad for first impressions and even worse for bare feet. Re-vamp the concrete around your pool by having it re-poured and stamped. Stamped concrete on your pool deck will provide a slip-resistant texture and stay low maintenance for years to come.

Pool Renovation #6: Adding an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Last but not least, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will make drying off more comfortable in low evening temperatures. Additionally, you can do many fun things with your family and friends around the warm glow of a campfire

Hire the Experts at Concrete Pool Renovations

At Speck USA, we have been in the concrete business for over 50 years, and you can trust that we will give you the concrete pool renovation of your dreams. Learn more about our renovation process on our website or call us at 515-417-1477 to schedule your consultation. 

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