DIY Maintenance for New Pool Owners

There’s nothing in the world as exciting as a brand new backyard pool. You’ve dreamed of this day for years, and now it’s finally here. Are you ready to take care of your beautiful new retreat? Here’s your guide for DIY maintenance for new pool owners.

DIY Maintenance for New Pool Owners Starts with Water Care

The first step to a beautiful, sparkling pool is knowing how to test and care for your water. This helps to ensure that all of your chemicals are balanced – which means a safe space for you and your family to swim.

Want to DIY pool maintenance for your water care? You’ll need a basic liquid or digital water testing kit to test for things like sanitizer, pH, and total alkalinity levels. You also want to test for free chlorine (the chlorine that is freely available to work to sanitize your pool water), calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. Having these levels correct will help your pool water feel good on skin, eyes, and hair, and will also protect your pool and equipment.

Brush and Vacuum Up Debris

Next, make sure the walls, floor, and steps of your pool are clean and clear. If you have a gunite pool, use a pool brush to first brush down your pool walls. Then use your manual or robotic vacuum to suction up any dirt, debris, leaves, algae or bugs on the pool floor. Algae love to creep into the little crevices of your pool, so it’s important to brush and vacuum at least once a week.

If you’ve had storms with heavy rain or blowing pollen, leaves, dirt, or other contaminants, you want to pay attention to cleanup quickly after the storm. This will help prevent algae from feeding on organic material in your pool. A robotic vacuum is also a wonderful asset for DIY maintenance for new pool owners – allowing you to program cleanings as needed.

Check Your Filter and Skimmer Baskets

After you vacuum, empty out your skimmer baskets. Your skimmer baskets will catch everything that goes in from the surface of your water as well as what you vacuumed up from the floor of your pool. Clogged and dirty skimmer baskets will make your pump work harder when water can’t get through, so it’s important to remember this simple task.

Next, check your filter pressure. When your filter pressure gets high, you’ll need to backwash the debris out so that it works efficiently to keep your pool water clean and clear. 

These are just a few of the basic steps needed for DIY maintenance for new pool owners.

Call in the Pros

Need help getting started off on the right foot before doing DIY pool maintenance in Iowa this year? You need professionals you can trust who are experts in all things pools. Luckily, with Speck USA, you have a dedicated team who are passionate about keeping your pool looking and performing like new. With our full pool maintenance services, you’ll find everything from pool opening and closing to weekly maintenance and specialized service. 

What are you waiting for? Call today to experience personalized service you can depend on as a new pool owner. Adding Speck USA’s incredible pool service for your new pool means you’ll spend more time enjoying your sparkling new retreat and less time maintaining it. Make memories with your family and let Speck USA come to your aid as a new pool owner.

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