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Pool Maintenance & Service

Spring Services

Let the professionals handle it! Lay back, get your tan on, and allow us to get you swim-ready for the season. Our opening services begin as early as mid-May. Book early to reserve your preferred date.

  • Pool Circulation
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Winter Cover Removal
  • Automatic Cover Cleaning
Seasonal Maintenance

Routine maintenance is incredibly important in extending the life of your swimming pool. Our professional technicians will be in and out in a jiffy – leaving behind nothing but a sparkling clean pool!

  • Weekly Cleaning & Chemical Checks
  • Bi-Weekly Cleaning & Chemical Checks
Additional Services

Available upon request. Let us know what the problem is, and we will get a technician out to take a look!

  • Sand Change
  • Salt System Cleaning
  • Cartridge Filter Cleaning
  • Chemical Check
  • Liner Swaps
Fall Services

Winters in central Iowa can be harsh – our professionals will ensure that your pool is closed properly. The safety and integrity of your plumbing, equipment, and pool structure rely on how your pool is treated for the off-season, as well as the on-season!

  • Blow Lines
  • Winterize Equipment
  • Antifreeze Applications
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