Des Moines Pool Design Ideas

Now that you have decided to build an in-ground pool, looking at different pool design ideas ahead of your first consultation is essential. When you are more informed about the plethora of options, you will not feel so overwhelmed when it comes time to discuss the perfect pool. After all, if you’re going to invest in an outdoor oasis, you deserve to get exactly what you want. Here are some pool design ideas for the most discerning central Iowa pool customers.

Pool Design Ideas: Concrete Design Features

Pool design ideas- concrete features

At Speck USA, we are the masters of cool concrete design features. From tanning ledges to custom stairs, we’ve got you covered. Have you always wanted a fountain or infinity edge? The sky is the limit. The important thing is that you are happy with the finished product for many years to come. “Should’ve,” “would’ve,” and “could’ve” aren’t even part of our vocabulary!  Visit this blog for more details about epic concrete design features. 

Pool Design Ideas: Cold Climate Considerations

Attached Spa or Heated Pool Design Ideas

Pool design ideas- heated pool

Do you want to get as much use as possible out of your pool year-round? Adding an attached spa or pool heater is the perfect way to do that. If you have kids, you will love that they can still play outside when it is cool. Plus, imagine catching snowflakes on your tongue while you sit in your toasty hot tub at night!

Pool Cover

Pool design ideas- pool cover

Whether you go with an automatic or manual pool cover, having a cover for your pool is a must in northern climates like Des Moines. Speck USA can help you find the right pool cover and everything else you need to winterize your pool. Or, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, our pool service experts can winterize it for you

Winterizing your pool will prevent costly damage that happens when water freezes in the pipes or the pool.

Pool Design Ideas: Modern vs. Natural

Pool design ideas- modern pool.

What’s your style? If you like a sleek modern look, you’ll probably go with a rectangular or L-shaped pool. If you prefer to feel like you’re one with nature, you might opt for a freeform-shaped pool surrounded by slate or stone. Thinking about your likes and dislikes beforehand will save you time and ensure a more accurate estimate at your initial meeting.

Pool Design Ideas: Pool Deck

Pool design ideas- pool deck

A professionally designed pool is nothing without a fantastic pool deck. Concrete pool decks are the best option in northern climates, and you can learn more about why by reading here. All you need to decide is whether you want it natural, smooth, textured, stained, stamped, washed, etc. 

If you really want to have the go-to backyard in the neighborhood, you’ll also want to consider pool deck upgrades such as a fire pit, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or swim-up bar. 

Speck USA Can Build the Pool of Your Dreams!

Building a pool doesn’t have to be stressful, and Speck USA can help relieve any worries you might have. Contact us today to get started on your pool journey. You will be in charge of all the most important decisions, and we will be here to guide you along the way. 

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