5 Epic Concrete Pool Design Features

Why is it that the desire for a private backyard retreat draws people to concrete pool design? It’s because concrete pools allow for a high level of customization, creating a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for relaxation and fun in your favorite outdoor space.

Concrete Pool Design: A Customizable Paradise

At Speck USA, we consider concrete an art form. Its numerous applications have enabled our residential and commercial clients throughout central Iowa to transform dated spaces into beautiful, fully functional amenities. 

Inground pools are a popular project among our clients. Whether you’re looking for a new gunite pool or a concrete pool renovation, our master craftsmen and women deliver the highest quality over a broad range of design concepts.

Concrete pools are so popular because they give owners the freedom to customize the size, shape, and features of the pool. There are so many features that can catapult your concrete pool design from ordinary to epic. We’ve picked out five of our favorites for your consideration as you brainstorm ideas.

  1. Tanning Ledge
  2. Swim-Up Seating
  3. Cascades
  4. Custom Stairs
  5. Pool Deck

1. Tanning Ledge

Sometimes, in the middle of your swim, you want a little respite from all that aquatic activity. You don’t want a complete removal, mind you. Just a boost toward the open air where you can soak up some sun and keep the water close.

A tanning ledge makes the best of both worlds possible. Also known as sun shelf ledges, these are raised surfaces at the edge of the pool’s floor that let you lounge in the sunshine while remaining partially submerged in a couple of inches of water. They’re often furnished with in-pool lounge chairs for ultimate comfort. 

These are perfect for when you want to read a book, work on your tan, or simply take a break from swimming laps.

2. Swim-Up Seating

While we’re on the subject of in-pool furniture, let’s discuss the wonderful fact that you can have a swim-up bar in your pool. What makes this new definition of “wet bar” possible? Swim-up seating.

Imagine having a specially designed ledge in your pool where swimmers can wade over and take a seat while being served the perfect drink. Or perhaps you just want a bench-like area at the edge of the pool to chill out on while the kids play Marco Polo. Whatever your vision, swim-up seating is versatile and stylish.

3. Cascades

What’s better than a pool feature that looks and sounds fantastic? Cascades fit this bill superbly.

Cascades are wide, flat channels (usually embedded in the pool wall) through which water pours into the pool from various heights above the surface. They add a sonic element of water falling into the pool. Including these in your pool design is one of the quickest ways to elevate your pool to luxury status

4. Custom Stairs

You need a safe, code-compliant way to get in and out of your pool, right? Why not add a set of custom stairs to your shallow end?

Whether you prefer a more traditional rectangle shape or the flair of tiered semi-circles, you have options regarding how you want to stage your perfect entry into the pool.

5. Pool Deck

No matter what suite of features you envision, you’ll need a durable pool deck. You want something that promotes the safety of the pool and its users while making a strong visual statement.

So, while we saved the best for last on this list, think about your pool deck plans first. Then, you can move onto the ledges, furniture, and water features.

Concrete Pool Design In Des Moines

How will you design your concrete pool? Contact the master pool builders at Speck USA today. We’ll help you devise a custom design for your private backyard paradise.

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