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pool maintenance
Pool Maintenance: How to Care for Your Pool Filter

Pool maintenance is a significant consideration whether you own a pool or are planning to own one soon. Taking good care of your pool filter is key to effective pool maintenance.

Your pool filter plays a crucial role in maintaining the clarity and cleanliness of your inground pool. Proper pool maintenance ensures your swimming environment remains safe and inviting. At Speck USA, we offer comprehensive pool services designed to keep your pool in top condition.

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SureTex Flooring
SureTex™ Flooring: 8 Key Advantages

When considering concrete flooring solutions, you need a product that offers durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness. SureTex flooring from Speck USA meets these needs and more, providing an ideal overlay solution for both new and existing concrete floors. Here are eight key advantages of choosing SureTex for your concrete flooring.

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Speck USA is your trusted partner in building the best pool deck for your home.
8 Dynamic Pool Deck Ideas for Your Backyard

A well-planned and deftly built pool deck can transform your backyard into a stunning retreat. 

At Speck USA, we specialize in creating beautiful, durable, and functional pool decks that elevate your outdoor space. Here are eight dynamic pool deck ideas to inspire your backyard project.

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Parking Lot Service
Do I Need Professional Parking Lot Service in Summer?

Professional parking lot service offers more than a smooth space for vehicles.

It’s the first thing customers see when they visit your business. Keeping it in top shape during the summer months is crucial. But do you need professional parking lot service? Here’s why summer is the perfect time to invest in expert care from Speck USA.

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pool service
8 Top Chemicals for the Best Pool Service Routines

Pool service is an essential part of pool ownership. 

A swimming pool brings endless enjoyment, but it also requires diligent care. Ensuring your pool remains a sparkling sanctuary involves more than just skimming the surface. Proper chemical maintenance is key. At Speck USA, we’re committed to making pool maintenance as smooth as a summer breeze. Here are eight top chemicals to keep your inground pool in pristine condition.

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How Long Will an Inground Pool Last?

The durability of your inground pool depends on several factors, including the materials used, the quality of construction, and how well you maintain it. In general, you should expect your inground pool to last at least fifteen years and likely as long as fifty years or more. 

Due to their robust construction, inground pools made of gunite or concrete offer a longer lifespan. At Speck USA, we specialize in gunite pools, which are valued for their durability and longevity, among other advantages.

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concrete walkway
8 Modern Concrete Walkway Ideas

A little resourcefulness and creativity can add a lot of visual interest to your overlooked walkways. With almost sixty years in the concrete business, Speck USA has learned a lot about the field. And we would like to share some insights about using concrete walkways to beautify and add value to your home.

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commercial parking lot
How to Keep Your Commercial Parking Lot Safe

A commercial parking lot is more challenging to keep safe than the interior spaces of the business it serves.  It is usually much larger, ravaged by the elements in ways that an interior space is not, and gets crowded with cars, carts, cargo, and other capricious calamities. A commercial parking lot is also not supervised as closely as a business’s

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