When Can I Open My Pool in Iowa?

If you are asking yourself, “When can I open my pool in Iowa?” you are not alone! As sunny days become more consistent, it’s completely normal to get the itch to open your beautiful backyard retreat. So, when can you open your pleasant pool and what are some things you need to do? Here’s how to have a successful pool opening this year.

When Can I Open My Pool in Iowa?

It’s so thrilling when the weather starts getting warmer. Birds are singing, the flowers are growing, and the world is green and lush once again. You can’t wait to use your pool this year! But opening it at the right time is key. Generally, you’ll find that opening your pool when the weather consistently reaches around 65-70°F is a good rule of thumb.

This allows the days and nights to be warm enough that you won’t have to worry about snow storms and freezing water that can do damage to pool equipment. The days also won’t be so warm that algae blooms and takes over your pool. Take advantage of those perfect days to get started on your spring opening and pool maintenance this year.

What Do I Need to Do to Open My Pool in Iowa?

If you plan on DIY pool opening in Iowa this year, here is a list of the things you’ll need to take care of for pool opening success.

First, brush or blow any leaves or debris off your pool cover. Use a leaf blower or broom to gently remove the layers that have built up over the winter. If there is standing water on your pool cover, use a pool cover pump to lessen the amount of dirty water that can enter your pool when the cover is removed. Then, remove, clean, dry and pack away your winter cover.

Next, you’ll need to reverse the process of winterization. Remove any plugs and reattach your plumbing, ladders and equipment securely. Fill your pool water level to the line indicated on your skimmer casing. This will allow your skimmers and filtration system to begin to do their work.

Empty skimmer baskets, make sure your filter is clean, and then begin the work of any cleanup needed inside your pool. Brush the walls, remove leaves with a skimmer, and vacuum any remaining debris. Then, shock and balance your water. For the next week, monitor your chemical levels until everything is just right. Don’t forget to check your equipment for any issues.

If the DIY pool opening route isn’t right for you, hiring professional pool service is also an excellent option to get your swim season started off on the right foot. With personable pool service from Speck USA, you’ll know that you’ve hired just the right company for your pool opening in Iowa. 

Call Speck USA for Your Successful Pool Opening This Year

When it feels like you may need a hand in opening your inground pool this year, there’s no need to worry. Simply call Speck USA at 515-285-4649 for the best pool maintenance service. Our opening service is one of the many options you can choose from to keep your pool beautiful this year. Start your swim season with success with Speck USA! You’ll find personal service you can depend on anytime you need it. 

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