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What Is Gunite and Why Is It a Great Option for Your New Pool?

You want a customized swimming pool that perfectly fits your backyard. You explore options and learn about gunite pools — but what exactly is it? 

Simply put, gunite is a dry concrete mix that is spray-applied with water, mixing and distributing through a nozzle. This allows pools to be built in any imaginable shape. Pools constructed in this way are durable, customizable, and ideal for adding amenities.

As you research your pool-building options, here’s what you need to know about gunite and its advantages.

Choose Any Shape and Design

The number one benefit of gunite over other pool materials is complete shape flexibility. 

Pool builders spray the concrete gunite onto reinforced steel bars, so it works for curved, rounded, geometric pool shapes, and more. You can use precise dimensions for a pool that will maximize your yard space. 

An experienced pool builder like Speck USA creates a design that brings your vision to life. We build gorgeous custom pools in Iowa, including gunite models of all sizes and configurations. Work with our designers to create a pool that makes the best use of your property. 

Gunite Is Built to Last for Decades 

Longevity sets gunite pools apart. In fact, a gunite pool can last for your lifetime. 

These pools also retain heat better than other materials, letting you enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures longer into the cooler seasons. 

With proper care, your pool can serve as a backyard oasis for your family for generations.  

What Is Gunite and Why Is It a Great Option for Your New Pool?

Gunite Is Easier Than Poured Concrete

Gunite application has many advantages over poured concrete.

It easily fills in spaces and wraps around curved rebar structures. The concrete mixture minimizes cracking and results in superior bonding.

The velocity of its application packs the material tightly and can be smoothed by our team of skilled professionals. 

Another benefit is quicker construction, reducing labor costs. The spray process allows your pool builder to quickly construct an efficient and structurally sound pool. 

Experts like the crew at Speck USA handle the application to craft an elegant backyard addition.  

Add Amenities and Landscaping Easily

Perhaps your vision includes water features, slides, diving boards, or rock formations. 

One great advantage of gunite is that you can integrate amenities into your new gathering place early in the building process. 

Plumbing lines, jets, and other structures seamlessly embed directly into your new pool’s shell. A gunite pool’s structural strength also supports large rocks or water features that some other pool types cannot handle. These extras create a customizable backyard paradise

Depending on the lot size and features desired, many homeowners choose gunite for its endless design opportunities.

Plan Your Dream Pool Now

Winter and the colder months — autumn and spring — are ideal times to contact Speck USA and start planning your custom pool. 

While the weather keeps you inside dreaming of summer days, the Speck USA team can help you design an outdoor space to fit those dreams. 

Schedule your project so that construction finishes in time for warm weather lounging and entertainment. Don’t wait and risk delays or rushed timelines. Reach out now to map out shapes, amenities, slides, fire features, and everything you desire for your summer’s backyard fun. 

Turn to the Inground Pool Experts at Speck USA

For over fifty years, Speck USA has constructed beautiful residential and commercial spaces and backyards in the Midwest. 

Our gunite inground pool portfolio showcases gorgeous designs built to last lifetimes. Schedule a meeting with our designers to explore shapes and amenities that will elevate your summer recreation for decades. 

From concept to completion, trust the expertise of Speck USA in realizing your backyard dreams. Reach out today and let’s talk about your brand-new gunite pool.

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