The Best Concrete Flooring Options for Home Basements

Are you looking to boost your bottom line this year? If so, your basement has great potential for adding value to your home. But if its concrete floor is subpar, any vision you have for an upgrade is in jeopardy. Therefore, a few wise words from the experts on the best concrete flooring options for home basements will accelerate your journey to a sturdy, sustainable space. With over a decade of experience in decorative concrete, Speck USA knows how to evaluate and enhance a basement floor to its optimal state. Here are our recommendations for the best concrete flooring options for your basement.

Surface Preparation

Before you start browsing the internet for pictures of attractive basements, take a good, long look at the basement floor you have now. How many cracks do you see? What about uneven surfaces? How much residue has built up over time in certain spots? 

These are critical questions to ask because unless you start with a clean, smooth surface, there are no viable options for a more sleek, sustainable concrete floor. So be sure to invest in the necessary surface preparation.

At Speck USA, we offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation services from grinding to pressure washing to removing stubborn adhesives. The end result is a smooth, durable concrete floor that will better sustain a finishing application – even if that’s just a trusty coast of paint. (Note: If you do go the paint route, make sure it is a paint compatible with concrete floors.)


Epoxy coatings are the superheroes of concrete flooring solutions. Their composition creates an anti-slip surface that repels chemicals. That is why you see them applied in both indoor and outdoor environments across all sectors from residential to commercial to industrial.

You’re probably imagining a set of wheels rolling across an epoxy coated floor in your home — as well you should. This coating is ideal for spaces in which you may see the occasional splash of motor oil, paint, or other hard-to-clean substances associated with home workrooms.

Don’t let your imagination stop there. Epoxy coatings are also a great fit for floors in rooms you want to keep cool and that will see plenty of sweat and water bottles. That’s right. If you’re thinking about converting your basement into a home gym, epoxy is a wise choice.

Polish & Dye

Perhaps your dream basement contains more barstools than weights and cardio equipment (which is perfectly fine — no judgment here). Then, you may want to go with what we call a polish & dye. These are the type of concrete floors you often see in high-traffic food service areas due to their durable, low-maintenance surface.

But don’t count polish & dye floors out for your basement. They can be a stunning and decorative solution for your home. Smooth and solid, polish & dye treatments are a fit when you don’t want to worry about scuffs or spills changing the look of the floor. Another significant attribute of these floors is their customizable color. Our color palette at Speck USA includes hues of both the warm and cool varieties, plus a wide range of neutral tones. Whatever your taste, we have the materials to help you achieve a smart, contemporary look. 


Whether you decide on a standard concrete floor for your basement or go all out for a premium polish and dye, a proper seal is in order when that final layer is applied. Given the amount of heavy-duty traffic that basements endure, sealing the applications is critical to protecting your floor and, thus, your investment. 

What seal is best? That largely depends on the use of the floor. Numerous sealing products are out there that extend the life and enhance the look of the concrete. That being said, do not assume that any seal will work for your project. Choosing the wrong product for this job can result in you having to perform more reconstructive surgery on your floor in the not too distant future.

Speck USA’s concrete experts can help remove the guesswork from this process. Our portfolio proves that we know how to identify what seal is best for each concrete floor’s purpose.

How Will You Transform Your Basement’s Concrete?

Are you ready to get started on your incredible project? You have plenty of options that keep you from settling for a barebones, concrete floor in your basement. The key to success is determining which option is best for your space. At Speck USA, we have the experience and expertise to help you with all of it. Visit our concrete flooring solutions page today for more ideas on how to begin your basement’s transformation to one of the best concrete floors in Iowa.

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