Pool Renovation: Ideas for Modern and Vintage Looks

Are you in need of a pool renovation? With ever-changing styles, our pools need to be updated occasionally to keep up with the times and maintenance. If your pool is overdue for a little facelift, Speck USA is here to get you started brainstorming with a few ideas that we love to use when building our custom inground pools.

Vintage Pool Renovation Ideas

If you want your pool to have more of a vintage flair, you can do several simple things to give you the blast of the past you are looking for. 

1. Use Vintage-Inspired Pool Tiles

Consider using pool tiles with a retro or vintage design when you do your pool renovation. Look for tiles that have a bold geometric pattern or a soft pastel color palette that evokes a bygone era.

2. Add Vintage Pool Accessories

Incorporating vintage pool accessories like retro pool umbrellas, pool floats, and vintage-style outdoor furniture can help create a vintage vibe around the pool. This is likely the easiest way to jazz up your pool area quickly.

3. Use Vintage Lighting

Installing vintage-inspired lighting fixtures around the pool can help set the mood. Look for lights with an antique brass or copper finish, or use Edison bulbs for a retro feel. 

4. Create a Vintage Pool Deck 

Use weathered wood or stone to create a vintage pool deck. You can also add vintage-style pool signage or retro-inspired pool house architecture to enhance the vintage look further. Be sure to ask our experts how they can help guide you to the perfect design for your pool area when you stop by.

5. Use Landscaping 

Incorporating lush greenery and potted plants around the pool area can create a vintage feel. Consider adding a few vintage-inspired garden features, such as a wrought iron trellis or a vintage-style birdbath.

Remember that the key to creating a vintage pool look is to use a combination of elements that work together to create a cohesive style. Our experts are ready to work with you to achieve this goal so that you can be proud of your space.

Modern Pool Renovation Ideas

Another popular style for your pool renovation is to make things very modern. You can achieve this with our team’s guidance just as easily as a vintage style.

1. Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes 

A modern pool renovation often features simple, clean lines and geometric shapes. You can achieve this look by choosing a rectangular or square pool design with straight edges.

2. Minimalist Design 

We will often have a minimalist design with few decorative elements to make things feel more modern. Consider using neutral colors like white, gray, or black and using simple pool tiles with a uniform color or pattern.

3. Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in creating a modern pool look. Install modern lighting fixtures that highlight the pool’s features and provide a warm glow in the evening.

4. Water Features

Incorporating modern water features like infinity edges, sheer descents, or laminar jets can add an upscale, contemporary feel to the pool.

5. Materials

Choose modern materials for the pool deck and surrounding areas, such as concrete, natural stone, or glass tiles. These materials are durable, low-maintenance, and provide a sleek, sophisticated look.

6. Smart Pool Technology

Consider adding smart pool technology like automated pool covers, remote-controlled pool equipment, or a pool automation system that can be controlled via a smartphone app.

No matter what style you are wanting to achieve to update your pool this year, let Speck USA help you create a space you can be proud of for years to come. Reach out to get started today.

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