3 Ways Parking Lot Service Improves Your Customer Service

What does parking lot service have to do with your customer service? A lot, it turns out. It helps to remember that your parking lot is still thought of as part of your business facility. If it’s not accessible, navigable, and, above all, safe, you’re setting your customers up for a slew of inconveniences. Those, in turn, become inconveniences for you.

At Speck USA, we’ve spent the past 50 years watching business owners enhance their success through routine services such as parking lot sweeping, snow removal, and more. When your parking lot supports your customers, your customers will support you.

How Parking Lot Service Affects Customer Satisfaction

The science of customer satisfaction gets even trickier whenever you give people an automatic complaint. But if your parking lot receives the same standard of care as your internal business, your customers will feel more appreciated. Here, we list three specific ways parking lot service enhances your customer service.

1. You Signal That You’re Open for Business

We’ve all seen them. The parking lots that look so decrepit, they make you wonder if the facility has seen customers (or anyone) in recent years. 

For a parking lot that boasts mainly cracks and potholes with some litter peppered in, people get the impression that business is pretty dead. If it weren’t, you’d see a better-kept parking lot. If the business is suffering, what does that say about the service?

Granted, this is all speculation. But our brains are quick to make up horror stories about questionable circumstances we encounter. How might this story change if the lot were routinely serviced?

First of all, the concrete or asphalt is less likely to have those unsightly imperfections with routine upkeep. A parking lot that is properly poured, striped, and cleaned is a better candidate for a protective seal coat. Also, sweeping, pressure washing, and snow removal help remove impurities and moisture that cause the surface to deteriorate over time.

When the parking lot looks fresh, you send the message that your business is open, busy, and committed to doing well. 

2. Your Customers Know Where to Go

How confident are you that your customers will know where to go when they drive into your parking lot? They’re not going to make a purchase until they know where their car needs to be parked.

Once again, your parking lot needs to be smooth, clean, and easy to navigate. Can customers read the pavement markings to the drive thru? Are the ADA parking spaces identifiable? With regular parking lot service, your customers will be able to read the surroundings easily.

Whether you make a sale or not, you want to usher people through every stage of your business environment as efficiently and welcoming as possible. Therefore, put the parking lot on your priority list so people know exactly where to enter, where to exit, and where they can safely park their vehicles all the time in between.  

3. You and Your Staff Are Free to Focus More on Service

You’re bound to lose time and money when your parking lot causes damage to cars, shoes, and every once in a while, someone’s body. Between the incident reports and the insurance premiums, your resources divert away from your business growth.

These obstacles affect your staff as well. Every instance when they need to manage a facilities issue (and the disgruntled customers that follow), they lose time that could otherwise be spent in sales and service. 

Don’t let your parking lot become a distraction from the main job. Keep it snow, debris, and fracture free, and your customers will reward you with their loyalty.

Parking Lot Services in Des Moines

If you want your customers to experience great service from the moment they cross the threshold into your parking lot, contact the service experts at Speck USA. You’ll get parking lot services worthy of one of the highest-rated businesses in Des Moines.

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