Is a Pool Heater Worth the Investment?

Is a pool heater worth it for an Iowa pool owner? It’s a fair question. Pool projects involve significant spending on so many different elements that it makes you wonder how much more you’re willing to spend on a little extra warmth. But at the end of the day, no one enjoys a chilly pool. Moreover, your pool isn’t a fan either. 

At Speck USA, we’ve seen many clients reap the benefits of a great pool heater. Therefore, we can say that a heater is definitely worth the investment. You do have to be picky, though, about what type of heater you purchase. With a little research and help from the experts on Iowa swim seasons (that’s us!), you’ll have a new pool heater in your home that will maximize your enjoyment and save you money in the long run.

Pool Heater Basics

There are different kinds of pool heaters you can choose from. The most common are electric heaters and gas heaters (i.e., propane or natural gas). Their prices vary between types and brands, but, on average, you can expect to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a heater.

Water temperatures between 78- and 88-degrees Fahrenheit are considered safe and enjoyable for everyday pool use. And aren’t safety and enjoyment the main objectives of pool ownership? In fact, when you examine all the ways a pool heater helps you enjoy your swim to the fullest, it’s easy to see why no Iowa swimming pool should be without one.

Extended Swim Season

First and foremost, pool heaters let you swim comfortably even when temperatures drop. That means you can extend your swim season, even in Iowa autumns when most people are closing their pools. 

In other words, you enjoy a greater return on your investment when you install a pool heater. And yes, with the right heater in place, you may even be able to swim during the holiday season!

Health Benefits

A pool heater allows you to use your pool for a longer period of time. Since swimming and aquatic fitness are excellent ways to keep healthy, installing a pool heater can help you enhance your physical wellness.

How do pools contribute to your health? By being in the water, you increase the resistance to your body movements and your buoyancy takes a lot of pressure off your bones and joints. 

This is why so many people prefer the high-resistance, low-impact environment of their pool. It makes for an efficient calorie burn, greater range of motion and flexibility, and better cardiovascular health.

Energy Efficiency

As if more pool time wasn’t exciting enough, the right pool heater can save you money on your utility bills. But it depends on what type of heater you use. An electric heater draws less energy than propane or natural gas heaters. While factors like pool size and amount of usage affect your overall energy consumption, you, generally, can expect to see significant savings on your monthly bill if you go with an electric heater.

Protecting Your Pool

We’ve seen how much temperatures can vary from day to day, especially when the seasons change. If flurries make a surprise appearance in the forecast, your pool heater can act as a backup, keeping the water from freezing. When water freezes inside your pool’s plumbing, it can cause the pipes to burst. With a pool heater in place, you help prevent such costly repairs and replacements in the future. 

Where to Get a Pool Heater in Iowa

Is it time to add a little warmth to your swim experience? Contact the pool maintenance & service technicians at Speck USA today. Both your household and your pool will thank you for the extra warmth as the summer days get shorter.

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