Creative Design Ideas For Decorating & Enhancing Your Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are durable, versatile, and a top pick with designers across the country. Why? Because if you have a decorating idea, you can make it happen if you’re working with a concrete floor. Whether you’re working with new or existing concrete, there are several creative design ideas that you can incorporate in your space. 

1. Raw & Rustic

Authenticity is a buzzword not only applicable to how people behave but also to the style of a room. The raw look of concrete is wildly appealing when you’re looking for concrete floor decorating ideas. It’s a blank canvas that can be enhanced with a wide array of furniture, wall colors, and decor.

Raw concrete floors are inherently masculine and are frequently used in spaces where the aesthetic is more modern. It’s rugged. It’s sophisticated. And it’s timeless.

If you like the look of raw concrete floors but your decorating style is a bit more rustic, consider complementing the concrete floors with natural wood. Avoid painting the wood; instead, stain it to achieve the raw and rustic look you’re after. Wood furniture is one way to do this, or you could incorporate natural wood trim where the walls meet the floor, around your windows and doors, and even as crown molding. 

Creative Design Ideas For Decorating & Enhancing Your Concrete Floor

2. Amazing Artwork

Whoever said that art doesn’t belong on the floor never owned a concrete floor. There are numerous options to draw the eye down and make your flooring the centerpiece of your space. 

There’s no limit to what can be painted on a concrete floor, as long as you’re working with a qualified professional who is using the right supplies. Murals, patterns, colors and designs are all possible when you have concrete flooring.

Another way to bring artwork to your flooring is with an area rug. These are available in numerous colors and sizes, but make sure to buy one that’s appropriate for how you’ll use the area. For example, if you’re decorating concrete floors in an outdoor space, look for an area rug designed specifically for outdoor use.  

3. Fantastic Finishes 

The finishes you use throughout your space will complement your concrete flooring. In this instance, finishes include furniture, area rugs, wall colors, and even light fixtures. When you are creatively designing to enhance your concrete floor, consider very light or very dark finishes. 

Dark finishes in your space up against a concrete floor exude a moody and cozy feel similar to that of a hunting lodge or a cabin in the woods. On the other hand, very light finishes in your space will reflect ambient light and make the space feel more open and modern. 

Creative Design Ideas For Decorating & Enhancing Your Concrete Floor

4. Super Shiny

Reflecting the light in a room is a common tool used among designers. Choosing shiny options for your concrete floor is one way to do that. Ask for polished concrete or epoxy flooring if you want your floors to shine. 

Epoxy, when applied by a professional, offers a smooth finish that also increases the durability of the concrete floor. An option that’s a bit more popular if you’re looking for a shiny floor is polished concrete. Abrasive pads allow the installer to grind down the surface of the concrete until the surface is glossy and shiny. 

5. Stains & Stencils

Acid staining opens up the pores of the concrete and causes a chemical reaction that will alter the color of the concrete. The exact color of the final product varies because there are varying degrees of intensity with each acid stain project. This is a durable option to edit the color of your concrete floor. Acid staining lasts up to 20 years.

If you like the durability of concrete floors but the look of tile or wood, consider concrete stamping. Faux wood floors are created using rubber stamps designed to give the texture of engineered wood. Speck USA floor installers can also use stamps to create faux stone flooring, brick or cobblestone flooring, or even flagstone flooring, both indoors and outdoors. 

Creative Design Ideas For Decorating & Enhancing Your Concrete Floor

Quality Concrete Floor Installation from Speck USA

When you’re working with a quality concrete floor installer, the decorating options are endless. Speck USA can help you install new concrete floors or can help you improve the appearance and overall functionality of your existing concrete floors. Schedule your on-site consultation todayand get started on beautiful, durable flooring for your residential or commercial space.

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