Vinyl Liner vs Concrete Inground Pools: An Unbiased Comparison

You’ve made the decision to put in a backyard pool. Congratulations! It’s an exciting first step, but there are still plenty of choices to be made. One of the biggest ones is deciding what type of pool to have built. When it comes to unlimited design possibilities, you have two great options: vinyl liner or concrete pools. To help you in your decision making, here’s an unbiased comparison of vinyl liner vs concrete inground pools.

Shape Options

Some people love the look of a classic rectangular swimming pool. Others, however, want something less conventional. So, which type of pool allows for your ideal customization? The truth is that they both do! Both a vinyl liner and concrete pool can certainly be created in the traditional swimming pool shape, but they can also be built in a variety of other shapes as well. 

That said, concrete inground pools (or gunite) are the most customizable, as they can be built in practically any shape and size that you dream up. Vinyl liner pool shapes are also beautiful and can still be built in rectangular, freeform, kidney, oval shapes, and more. They are a bit more limited in size by the vinyl liner but make a great option. Think through how you want to use your perfect pool to help you narrow down your decision.

Design Details for Vinyl Liner or Concrete Inground Pools

Sometimes it’s the little touches that really make a space. It’s no wonder that people put such thought into choosing colors and accessories for their pools. As far as the overall look of the pool is concerned, there are plenty of options for both concrete and vinyl liner pools.

Vinyl pool liners come in a wide range of stunning colors and patterns, so there really is something for practically every style and taste. Concrete pools are usually finished with plaster and/or beautiful tiles. As such, there are countless colors and designs that can be created with a concrete pool. Do you want to coordinate with your home or your current backyard color scheme? With Speck USA, you are sure to find incredible choices that make your backyard pool pop.

Amazing Accessories

Want to add amenities that make your pool one of the most sensational spaces at home? With Speck USA, you have your choice of amazing pool add-ons from S.R. Smith®. From slides and diving boards to in-pool seating and sports like basketball and volleyball, choose from the most sensational products to transform your beautiful pool into your favorite fun retreat.

Cost and Time Comparison

The cost of a swimming pool build is always a key consideration for a future pool owner. While every pool build is unique, generally speaking a vinyl liner pool will cost less to build than a concrete pool and will take less time to complete. However, a well cared for concrete pool can last up to 50 years, while a vinyl liner pool has around a 20-year lifespan.

We’re Here to Help

There’s a lot to consider in planning your perfect pool. But the good news is that you never have to do it alone! At Speck USA, we are here to walk you through your options and discuss all of the details with you so that you can make the best decisions for your home. You’ll be able to design the pool of your dreams, with details and amenities that make your pool your own. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to set up your pool consultation. 

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