The Best Flooring Options for Restaurants

Beyond appearances, a clean, beautiful floor inspires a feeling of safety to your employees and your customers. But it also means pride of ownership, plus practical maintenance and durability for you. If dingy, dirty, damaged, or dated floors have you researching the better flooring options, we can help! Here are the best flooring options for restaurants to help you choose the one that is the perfect solution for your current problems.

Why Your Flooring Choice Matters

You hope to get a lot of traffic at your restaurant, from the oldest to the youngest members of society. It’s your desire that they choose your establishment not just once but time and time again for their favorite fare. It’s inevitable that weather, food, and drink will all wind up on your floor. But it’s all part of the job and you’re happy to clean it up. Save yourself time and effort in maintenance by choosing flooring that is incredibly easy to care for.

The sense of security that your customers have goes all the way down to a subconscious level. Your clean restaurant is a safe restaurant because clean is sanitary; clean is reliable. You maintain a sparkling space to show everyone who enters that you are not only considerate of everyone’s health and safety, but you are also obedient to restaurant rules and regulations. But you are on the search for new flooring that is easy to keep clean, looks incredible, and checks all of the boxes that you, your customers, and safety regulators have. That’s why the best kind of flooring to accomplish your clean, well-cared-for ambiance is stamped concrete, polished concrete, epoxy flooring, or Suretex coatings.

Indoor Stamped Overlays and Suretex Coatings

Want the look of tile, stone, or wood floors without the cost or the upkeep? An indoor stamped concrete overlay or Suretex coating is a great way for you to enhance the style of your restaurant. Concrete can be stamped to your pattern of choice and is unbelievably durable for high-traffic areas. It’s also easy for you and your staff to clean when sealed. Or, a decorative Suretex overlay can give you the look and feel of tiles or stone. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about grout chipping, tile cracking, wood warping, or the cost of natural stone. Choosing one of these flooring options from Speck USA ensures that you’ve made an excellent choice for your restaurant.

Polish & Dye Concrete

The smooth finish of polished concrete makes your restaurant floor gorgeous and easy to clean. You’ll never need to worry about anything sticking to a textured surface like tile grout, let alone expensive-to-clean carpet. During the installation process, dye can be added to beautifully transform your space. With help from Speck USA, you can discover the polished concrete that will elevate your restaurant’s ambiance and make maintenance easy. Customizable colors bring visual appeal to any restaurant aesthetic. Plus you’ll be proud of the transformation that your new update brings.

Epoxy Flooring

Another option for your restaurant, both in dining and kitchen areas, is epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is a stunning, slip-resistant flooring that wonderfully resists wear and tear. It’s perfect for application over existing concrete that needs a little love. If you are looking for a solution after you’ve pulled up tile, scraped carpeting or wood adhesive, or need to cover concrete blemishes or cracks, epoxy is an excellent application. This is a fantastic option for the needs of moisture-resistant bathrooms or storage areas, non-slip kitchen flooring, and your main dining area, as well. The solid surface means that there’s no grout or cracks to keep clean. And with an array of colors and textures available, epoxy is not only safe and easy to maintain, it’s also visually pleasing. An added plus: it reflects light beautifully. From dark to light colors, there’s a perfect choice for you.

Customize Your Flooring

You, your staff, and your patrons deserve beautiful new flooring that’s everything you need it to be. Take your flooring to the next level and bring beauty back to your restaurant with trusted solutions from Speck USA. From surface preparation and installation of dyed or stamped concrete to epoxy and Suretex applications, you’ll find the best flooring options for restaurants. Our extensive experience in concrete, Suretex, epoxy and sealants equips us to help you realize your vision for your restaurant. 

Are you ready to get started with your restaurant transformation? Call us today at 515.285.4649 or contact us online to book your FREE walkthrough consultation. You’ll be able to get a personalized estimate and answers to your questions before you schedule your project. We look forward to assisting you as you create the establishment of your dreams, so that everyone who enters the doors of your restaurant will be completely impressed with your beautiful new floors!

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