Pre-Season Maintenance for Your Pool Filter

Gone are the days of snow and cold. It’s almost time for pool season! After months of inside activities, we know you are excited for pool opening time this year. You are getting together all of your supplies for the perfect pool opening. But have you considered maintenance for your equipment as well? Here’s all you need to know about pre-season maintenance for your pool filter.

What Does My Pool Filter Do?

Although water care is often the focus of pool maintenance at opening time, it’s also a prime time to make sure your pool filter is ready for a summer full of fun. The secret to swim season success? You guessed it – it’s your incredible pool filter.

Your filter is one of the most important parts of your pool equipment. It filters out all of the contaminants in your pool water to keep your water sparkling. As the water circulates through your system, larger particles get trapped in your skimmer baskets. The smaller particles that make it through the skimmer are directed to your filter. The filter then catches all of the tiny particles before they recirculate back into your main body of water. That’s why a clean pool filter is essential for a clean and clear pool and why pre-season filter maintenance is so important.

Pre-Season Maintenance for a Sand Filter

Sand filters are a well-known option for pool care. If you have a sand filter, you know that they are pretty easy to take care of. Although you will backwash your filter once per week to once per month, depending on pool use, it’s also necessary to give your sand filter a proper cleaning once every year.

The best time to do this? During pre-season maintenance. Starting off the season on the right foot will go a long way in making sure you spend more time making memories and less time maintaining your pool as those sunny summer days beckon you outdoors..

Pre-Season Maintenance for a Cartridge Filter

Another great filter option is the cartridge filter. Cartridge filters are constructed of pleated fabric and are also an owner-friendly piece of pool equipment. Particles and debris get caught in the pleats, helping keep your water pristine. Hosing off your cartridge filter every two to six weeks during the summer will help keep contaminants from re-entering your water, but a good cleaning with professional products should be done at least once per year.

The perfect time for this service? During pre-season maintenance. This will help free up anything trapped within the fabric layers to help ensure that you have the perfect start to a summer full of fun this season.

Your Filter’s Pre-Season Maintenance Specialists

Trust Speck USA for your pool filter maintenance this year. We offer sand filter cleaning and cartridge filter clearing as well as full pool opening services to get your favorite aquatic retreat on track for a successful swim season. Need new sand in your filter? We can change that out for you, too! With a filter that performs like new, you’ll avoid costly maintenance, higher electrical bills, and the purchase of unnecessary chemicals trying to alleviate issues that a clean filter should be taking care of. 

Contact Speck USA in Des Moines, Iowa, to get started on your hassle-free pool opening this year. With Speck USA on your team, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite backyard escape.

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