Pool Maintenance Service: What to Expect

Are you in the process of building your first pool? Or have you had a pool for a while but are tired of maintaining it on your own? In either case, you might be wondering what to expect when hiring a pool maintenance service company. Speck USA is not only a one-stop shop for pool maintenance, but we also love to keep pool customers informed so they can make the best decisions for their families. Here are some more details about hiring out for professional pool maintenance service.

Pool Maintenance Service: Opening Your Pool

Living in Iowa means covering your pool in the wintertime is a basic necessity. The process of winterizing and opening the pool can be a major chore. You’ll need several strong arms to pull back the heavy cover and a keen eye to inspect the equipment and ensure everything is in working order. 

This lengthy process is why pool owners often hire pool maintenance service companies to help with closing and opening, even if they forgo regular seasonal maintenance. A quality company like Speck USA will bring the muscles and expertise needed to make the beginning and end of pool season as stress free as possible.

Pool Maintenance Service: Seasonal Maintenance

There are a few different options when it comes to hiring regular maintenance for your pool: once per week, once every two weeks, and once per month. The frequency that is right for your family depends on how much time you want to devote to the pool in between professional service visits.

During the swim season, pools need to be cleaned at least weekly. Therefore, a once-per-week service call would be your best bet if you never want to clean it yourself. 

If you feel comfortable doing some of the maintenance yourself but would like someone else to lighten the load, then once every two weeks or once per month may be right for you.

What Comes with Seasonal Maintenance Services?

Generally, regular maintenance appointments include a pool cleaning, equipment inspection, and chemical check. Some companies might require you to provide your own chemicals, and some might require you to pay extra for their chemicals. At Speck USA, we give customers the freedom to choose either of those options.

Pool Maintenance Service: Additional Services

Certain pool services are not required at every appointment, such as a filter sand replacement, sand system cleaning, and cartridge filter cleaning. The nice thing about hiring a professional maintenance company is that they will know when these services must be completed and advise you accordingly.

Does your pool need more than just equipment repairs? Speck USA can also renovate your outdated pool.

Hire the Best Pool Maintenance Company in Des Moines 

Your pool is supposed to provide relaxation, not stress. If maintaining your pool has become more of a hassle than it’s worth, it’s time to call the experts at Speck USA. We will take care of your cleanings, chemicals, and concerns so you can lean back and relax worry free. We would love to show you what quality workmanship and excellent customer service look like. Contact us today to get your pool in tip-top shape. 

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