How to Make Your Parking Lot Feel Welcoming and Safe

Why should parking lot services matter to Iowa business owners? Think about it. What’s going to happen if your parking lot is so torn up that cars and people alike end up hurt after trying to cross it? You won’t get a sale out of that. You’ll get a lawsuit. At Speck USA, we don’t want that for you any more than you do. Your parking lot should be a safe, comfortable space that impresses customers from the time they first roll in. 

Our story began in 1968 as a commercial parking lot service. From that time, we’ve transformed enough parking lots to know just how much a new asphalt or concrete treatment can elevate your business. Here, we dive into a few strategies that will help make your parking lot safer and more welcoming. Put them to the test and watch your customer base grin and grow!

Start with the Necessary Fixes

The first item of business in a parking lot job is to assess the damage. At Speck USA, we accomplish this through an on-site consultation. Our expert team members will work with you to arrive at a customized solution for your lot.

Then, we move on to patching and sealing all those potholes, cracks, and weathered joints that have accumulated over the years.

If you want to go for an all-out resurfacing, that’s great! You can choose between concrete or asphalt as your parking lot material. In the end, you will see a refreshed piece of land that is level and ready to take on whatever Mother Nature and your customers throw its way.

It’s Time for Cosmetics

Once your parking lot’s surface is applied and sealed, it’s time for the finishing touches. That means striping! This is where we banish those days of your customers not knowing exactly where to park because the lines are so dull and deteriorated. Our technicians make sure every line on each parking space, including ADA-compliant handicap spaces, is bright, even, and perfectly positioned.

And let’s not forget that parking lots are more than driving surfaces. If there are any green spaces in your lot, we can also mow it, so it looks just as fresh as everything around it.

Keep Your New Lot Clean and Cared For

Customers invent their own stories about what they see. And when they see your new lot ready for action, they’ll think “This space is so well-kept and easy to use. I bet I can expect the same quality when I go into this business!” 

The key to sustaining that inviting presence is to regularly clean and maintain the lot. Even the best laid parking lots need a good sweeping from time to time. Luckily, Speck USA has a 24/7 clearing and lot sweeping service at your disposal. If sweeping needs to happen outside of your business hours, we’re ready for that too. In addition to clearing leaves, litter, and other debris, our team has a dedicated service for snow removal — the mother lode of Iowa weather.

By keeping your lot clear and clean, you’ll ensure that it stays safe and attractive throughout the years. 

Call Iowa’s Leaders in Parking Lot Services

The road to a more successful business starts in your parking lot. Therefore, you want to make sure it is paved and maintained by the best.

With over 50 years of experience constructing, repairing, and maintaining clients’ parking lots all over Iowa, Speck USA knows how to help you achieve the best lot for your business. Call us today at 515-285-4649 to inquire about commercial parking lot services and schedule your on-site consultation. 

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