How Will I Know If I Need a Vinyl Liner Replacement?

Do you think your pool needs a vinyl liner replacement? Or are you considering installing a vinyl liner in-ground pool in your backyard and want to know how long it will last? There are many benefits of going the vinyl liner route for your pool, but having to replace it every five years will negate those benefits. With proper care, your vinyl liner could last up to fifteen years. Up your pool party prowess by learning these facts about vinyl liners.

What Is a Vinyl Pool Liner?

Every in-ground pool needs a waterproof barrier between the water and the side walls. The two most popular options for this barrier are a vinyl liner or gunite and plaster. A vinyl liner is a large, custom-made vinyl sheet that connects to the pool deck by sliding into a track. Air is vacuumed out from underneath the vinyl before the water is added.

A vinyl liner pool is less expensive and faster to install than many other pool options. They often require less maintenance, as well, because the vinyl is non-porous and resistant to algae growth. Some people prefer the smooth feel of vinyl underfoot while enjoying their pool.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

The reality of vinyl is that UV rays and pool chemicals will cause it to deteriorate over time. Although you’ll need a vinyl liner replacement every ten to fifteen years, replacing them is less expensive than resurfacing a plaster pool. It can also allow you the chance to give your backyard a facelift with the newest styles, colors and patterns in a very cost-effective way.

Signs You Might Need a Vinyl Liner Replacement

How will you know if you need to replace your vinyl liner? Watch for the following issues.

  • Fading – You may start to notice the color or pattern is fading.
  • Leaking – If you think your pool is leaking, feel around for soft, squishy spots in the vinyl. Squeeze a few drops of a special leak dye in the water near suspected leaks, and it will quickly flow toward the hole. Holes can sometimes be repaired with patches.
  • Wrinkling – Unbalanced pool chemicals, poor installation, incorrect size, or many other factors can cause wrinkles. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to fix wrinkles without replacing the liner.
  • Pulling away from the walls – The top edge of the liner (the bead) can come out of the track for many reasons. Depending on the age of the liner, you may be able to pull the bead to the track and push it back into place. If water has seeped behind the open liner, a professional pool technician can help you remove the moisture and fix the liner.

Five Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vinyl Liner

It’s important to maintain your pool well to get the most value out of its lifespan. Here are some easy steps that can help you extend the life of your vinyl liner.

  1. Keep your pool chemicals balanced. 
  2. Keep debris off the floor with a vacuum specifically designed for vinyl pool liners.
  3. Never drain your pool without consulting a professional.
  4. Avoid bringing glass or any sharp objects near the liner.
  5. Invest in a pool cover to shield it from the sun when you’re not using it. 

How to Find the Best Pool Care Company in Des Moines

Speck USA is your one-stop shop for vinyl pool liner installation, repair, and replacement. We also provide regular pool maintenance services to keep your chemicals and equipment in tip-top shape. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our pool experts. Owning a vinyl pool will be “easy breezy” when Speck USA helps you care for it!

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