How to Open Your Pool: What You Need to Know Before You Dive In

April is the month to plant a garden and do spring cleaning, and if you live in Iowa, it’s also the month to open your pool for pool season. Opening a winterized pool isn’t as easy as pulling back the cover and jumping in. After researching this complex process, you’ll probably decide to hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, make sure the following steps are taken.

Prepare to Open Your Pool

Take inventory of your equipment, cleaning supplies, and chemicals. It’s been several months since you’ve had to worry about it, so make sure your pool care cabinet is well stocked.

Clear your pool cover and deck area of leaves, dirt, or other debris. If your cover has accumulated a puddle of water, you’ll need to remove it with a pool cover pump to ensure that stagnant water does not drain into the pool.

Check your cover, filter, and pump for obvious signs of damage.

Open the Winterized Pool

Now it’s time to open your pool. Wash and dry your pool cover before storing it, and store it somewhere that’s safe from rodents or extreme heat. This process requires more than one person because you’ll need to carry it and lay it in a flat area to clean it (you don’t want the cover cleaning products getting in your pool water). 

While cleaning it, inspect your pool cover for wear and tear. If it’s time for a new pool cover, you’ll want to take care of that before it’s time to winterize again.

Take a moment to assess whether or not your pool is working for your family’s needs. If your pool is out of style or breaking down, it might be time for a pool renovation.

Get Your Pool Back in Working Order

Now that your pool is open, don’t start practicing your cannonballs just yet. The next step is to skim the debris that might have fallen in during the cover removal process. Then, remove plugs from the pipes, and replace ladders, slides, or other accessories. 

Before balancing chemicals, make sure the water level is where it’s supposed to be. The water should cover half of the skimmer opening. 

Once you’ve balanced your pool chemicals, it’s time to turn on your pump. Unless you’re a pool expert, professional help will come in useful here. Pool pumps and filters need yearly maintenance to keep them lasting for many pool seasons to come. The experts will know where to put plugs, what to lubricate, and when parts need to be replaced. 

Jump In!

Now that your chemicals are balanced and your water is crystal clear, it’s finally time to enjoy your personal oasis. If you have a vinyl liner, take time to put on goggles and examine it for wrinkles and tears. You might be able to prevent totally replacing your vinyl liner by repairing small tears before they get bigger. 

Find a Professional to Take Care of Your Winterized Pool

If you have a pool in the Des Moines area, Speck USA is your one-stop shop for all things related to pool renovation and maintenance. We will make sure your pool is party ready in time for warmer weather. We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service. Give us a call at 515-417-1477 so your pool can get the royal re-opening treatment while you sit back and relax.

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