How to Improve the Appearance of Concrete Floors

Most people think concrete floors are all substance and no style. Not true! You can, in fact, improve the appearance of concrete floors without sacrificing their durability or draining your budget. You don’t have to live with the same, drab slab beneath your feet. Look at your options and reimagine your most dynamic spaces.

Options That Improve the Appearance of Concrete Floors

At Speck USA, we offer concrete flooring solutions that have helped clients all over Iowa uplift the look and function of their homes and businesses. 

Surface Preparation

All great concrete floors begin with professional surface preparation. This is what keeps floors from remaining a hazard zone caked in years’ worth of messes and incidents. You can make a concrete floor look nice with as little as a coat of stain, provided they have this surface treatment first. 

First comes a thorough cleaning through pressure washing, shot blasting, or another reliable method. Then, we tackle the individual problem points. We grind down uneven surfaces, fill in cracks or holes, and remove stubborn adhesive and film residue. In the end, you’re left with a much cleaner, smoother surface that’s ready for whatever further applications you have in mind.

Epoxy Flooring

The purpose of a concrete floor is to support a lot of heavy-duty work and materials. No matter how hard you try, all that work and material will result in a fair share of messy spills in the floor’s lifetime. Therefore, the floor’s appearance will rely heavily on how easily you can clean up the mess. 

Epoxy flooring is a clear winner in this area. Epoxy is both chemical resistant and slip resistant. That means you don’t have to worry about taking a spill yourself while you’re removing the mess! Additionally, epoxy is self-leveling. When poured, it can fill contours in the floor so that the entire surface dries perfectly flat. This makes epoxy especially useful in garages, home gyms, storage facilities, workshops, and any other area where moisture, debris, and foot traffic contact each other on a regular basis.

Polish & Dye Treatment

If you really want a showstopping floor, a polish & dye treatment will do the trick. These floors dress to impress with both their look and their scuff-resistant surface. Popular locations for these floors include hotel lobbies, churches, shopping malls, cafeterias, and the bar room in your basement you’ve been fantasizing about for some time now. 

The flourish of these floors comes from the vibrant additives and pigments mixed into the concrete followed by the lustrous polish that seals the whole surface. Between the colors, the shine, and the layout, your floor is bound to attract a lot of impressed eyeballs in addition to foot traffic.

SureTex™ Concrete Overlays

Picture yourself in Rome or Paris, where the streets are paved with elegant stone that speaks to the city’s history. You can achieve a similar look for less time and money through a SureTex concrete application. This is where we apply a concrete overlay and stamp it to look like natural stone, wood, or tile. The result is a floor that hits that perfect balance of rustic and refined. Better still, it does so without requiring the same level of maintenance as their lookalikes.

Sealing Applications

Just as every great concrete floor begins with a surface preparation, they all finish with a genuine sealing. This ensures that your concrete floor handles everything you throw its way without disintegrating prematurely. Speck USA provides a variety of sealing solutions to protect your investment. Our technicians will work with you to ensure that at the end of the project your concrete floor will dazzle for decades.

How to Improve Concrete Flooring in Iowa

When you finally decide to transfer the image of a stunning concrete floor from inside your head to under your feet, contact the specialists at Speck USA. You’ll soon be walking on a surface that is equal parts style and substance!

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