How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last?

When it comes to Des Moines epoxy flooring, Speck USA is here to give you a glistening garage, pristine patio, or world-class workshop. But you might be wondering, “How long does epoxy flooring last?” The answer to that question could be anywhere from ten to twenty years, depending on several factors. Here is more information about the durability of epoxy floors and why they are well worth the investment.

How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last?

How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last? It Depends on the Traffic

Des Moines Epoxy Flooring for Commercial

Epoxy floors are slip resistant, water resistant, stain resistant and chemical resistant. Therefore, they are a perfect choice for restaurants, factories, mechanic and machinery shops, and the list goes on and on. Heavy foot traffic and a high likelihood of chemical spills can negatively impact the lifespan of epoxy flooring, but the protection it will provide for any business will be well worth having it. 

Read more about the beauty of epoxy flooring for your business.

Des Moines Epoxy Flooring for Residential

Epoxy flooring in a residence will naturally last longer than it would in a commercial business. It is very popular in garages, as it protects your porous concrete from soaking in puddles of oil or other chemicals. It’s also extremely easy to clean, offering a stunning aesthetic that is sleek and pristine. However, its popularity is growing in other parts of the home too, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more.

How Long Does Residential Epoxy Flooring Last? It Depends on the Maintenance

The daily and weekly maintenance of your floors lets you have a say in how long they will last. It is recommended that you keep them clear of dirt or liquid spills as much as possible. 

Even though they are resistant to chemicals and dirt, cleaning up in a timely manner can help prevent issues. Use a soft mop to clean your floors. Additionally, it’s smart to fix small cracks right away, so they don’t get bigger over time.

When Des Moines Epoxy Flooring Needs to be Repaired

The nice thing about epoxy flooring is that it doesn’t need to be completely replaced when it starts to show signs of wear. Spots can be repaired in isolation or a new coating can go over the entire floor. So, even if you’re planning on putting your floor through the worst possible conditions, you’ll be able to continually extend its life without breaking the bank.

Choose Speck USA for Des Moines Epoxy Flooring

The last factor in “How long does epoxy flooring last?” that greatly impacts the durability of your epoxy flooring is who is installing it. A skilled epoxy installer will know the exact thickness to use, and which kind of topcoat is superior. 

As experts in the concrete industry for over 50 years, Speck USA strives to produce the highest quality of craftsmanship in every job we do. Forgo those DIY epoxy kits from the big box store and trust the team at Speck USA to give you the results you desire. Call 515-417-1477 to get started on a beautiful epoxy flooring solution for your residence or commercial space.

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