Function Plus Beauty: The Best Flooring Options for Your Business

Flooring options are always about style versus substance, right? Especially for a business facility. Wrong! The best flooring options for your business offer you both function and beauty in one efficient product. At Speck USA, you have the best flooring options for your business.

Whether your company is more commercial or industrial, concrete flooring is a clear winner for high-traffic spaces. Their stylish look and easy maintenance make them a shrewd choice for your bottom line.

There are several types of concrete flooring and, thus, multiple business environments where they are a good fit. Below is a list of concrete flooring solutions that can impress your customers, help your staff, and, ultimately, boost your business.

  • Surface Preparation for Concrete Floors
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Polished Concrete

Surface Preparation for Concrete Floors

A concrete floor needs to be refreshed before it can be replaced. If your business has a concrete floor currently, give it a thorough look for cracks, unlevel surfaces, or residue buildup. A surface preparation job removes those imperfections through methods such as grinding, pressure washing, and shot blasting. You’re left with a much smoother, cleaner floor that is ready to take on a more advanced concrete application. 

Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to concrete flooring, epoxy is a megastar. It works well in many business environments, especially in the automotive, construction, and shipping sectors, as well as commercial kitchens.

Epoxy’s composition creates a smooth, slip-resistant surface that repels water and liquid chemicals. As if that isn’t impressive enough, it has self-leveling properties that make for a flat, seamless surface on top of existing concrete. 

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for industrial businesses that contend with heavy-duty, messy materials (e.g., motor oil, building supplies, food, etc.). Epoxy is also chip-resistant, which means if you have to cart heavy machinery or materials across your floor on a regular basis, you don’t have to worry about scratching or chipping it.

Stamped Concrete

Have you ever dined al-fresco on a patio made of brick or decorative stone? Aha! Chances are you only thought you did when, in fact, it was stamped concrete underneath your table. 

Stamped concrete banishes the idea that concrete is a one-note substance. This technique involves mixing concrete with rich color pigments and stamping it when wet to produce a textured pattern. 

Stamped concrete comes in handy when you want luxurious flooring for your business that will withstand the elements. It’s a great fit for outdoor dining and entertainment venues, community parks and pools, and shopping malls.

Polished Concrete

Those of you who have spent any part of your life busing tables and pouring drinks know a high-durability, low-maintenance floor beneath your feet is a must. That’s why polished concrete floors are seen throughout the food service industry. 

In terms of style, polished concrete has about as many color options as Bob Ross’ paint pallet. And when those surprise spills and splatters occur, a quick pass with a mop or broom clears it away with no fuss. So, restaurant owners, as more and more people return to eating out, take a look at your floor. Some polished and dyed concrete may bring in just as many repeat customers as your special sauce!

Best Flooring Options for Your Business

Depending on your business, your floor may benefit from any of the concrete solutions mentioned here. What is your first step? Contact us at Speck USA. As one of central Iowa’s leaders in decorative concrete, we will help you elevate your business’s look and function to the next level. Schedule your free consultation today!

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