3 Reasons Fall is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Vinyl Liner

Is this the year you need to replace your vinyl liner? It depends. Was Meghan Markle guest starring on CSI: Miami the last time your pool’s interior got a refresh? If so, now may be the time for your next vinyl liner replacement.

Generally, you should get a solid 7-10 years out of your vinyl liner. With proper maintenance, you can even get more than a decade out of it. In any case, you want to keep a close eye on your liner throughout the years you have it. 

After so many years of enduring chemicals, UV rays, weather, and active swimmers, the vinyl starts losing its integrity. If you try to stretch its lifetime too far, you set yourself up for more costly damages to the pool in the future. However, if you replace your liner before it becomes urgent to do so, you, ultimately, extend the lifetime of the entire pool. 

Why You Should Replace Your Vinyl Liner in the Fall

So when is the best time to schedule a liner replacement? In Iowa, the winter months are the least desirable because that’s when your pool is hiding under a pile of snow. You could do it in the summer, but that would cut into your swim season. Springtime is a reasonable choice but bear in mind that you may have to contend with more rainy weather. Therefore, Speck USA points to fall as a favorable time for a vinyl liner replacement.

Here, we’ve provided our top three reasons why you should replace your vinyl liner during pumpkin spice season.

  1. You will need to close your pool soon anyway.
  2. The weather is perfect for it.
  3. Your pool will look spectacular when you reopen it.

1. You will need to close your pool soon anyway.

The kids are back in school. Work, bills, and appointments continue to dot your agenda. And, as much as we wish it wasn’t the case, Iowa weather isn’t conducive to swimming all year round. So, with your pool’s usage dwindling, the time will come to tuck it in for a long winter’s nap.

The best time for pool closing in Iowa tends to be late September to October. Why not use this time when your pool is not in use to schedule a liner replacement? That way, you set yourself up to have a full, uninterrupted swim season when you reopen in the spring.

2. The weather is perfect for it.

Mild weather brings the best conditions for a liner replacement. And fall is generous with cool, dry days. At this time, you’re far less likely to encounter extreme conditions like blistering heat, thunderstorms, bitter cold, and heavy snow — all of which can add significant delays to any pool project.

So don’t wait until Mother Nature changes her mood. Put that new liner in before the holidays, and you’ll set yourself up for success in the coming year.

3. Your pool will look spectacular when you reopen it.

What do we all want to see when we reopen a pool in late spring? We want clean clear water and a beautiful, sturdy pool structure. If you replace your vinyl liner and perform the proper winterization procedures, your pool will greet you with a fresh, new look and reinforced longevity when you open it again. 

Imagine how much more fun your guests will have swimming in your upgraded pool. Better yet, imagine how much peace of mind you’ll have by knowing you don’t have to worry about a wrinkled, torn, or discolored liner!

Vinyl Liner Replacement from Speck USA

Before the foliage changes colors, contact the vinyl liner replacement specialists at Speck USA. We’ll help you take the pool refresh off your 2022 to-do list and make the 2023 swim season your best one yet!

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