Everything You Need to Know About Inground Pool Covers

When you describe your dream pool to people, how often do you mention the cover? Most people never do. Yet inground pool covers are as essential to the enjoyment and longevity of your swimming experience as any other feature you can think of. 

Help yourself and your pool by getting acquainted with some of the basics. Here’s everything you need to know about inground pool covers. 

Coverstar Pool Covers

At Speck USA, we offer a Coverstar® pool cover with each new pool construction project. This particular product ticks all the boxes for what you want from an inground pool cover including:

  • Pool safety
  • Automatic operation
  • Protection from debris
  • Energy efficiency

Pool Safety

Safety is the number one priority of pool ownership, especially when you have small children and pets in your household. With a Coverstar pool cover in place, you can rest assured that your little ones will stay above the water’s surface should they accidentally wander to the pool when it’s not in use.

In pool cover terminology, these are widely referred to as safety covers. Made from heavy-duty vinyl fabric, they form a barrier that supports up to 2,000 pounds when the water is at normal levels. This is great news for parents who want that extra protection for their children who are new to swimming.

Automatic Pool Cover

What’s better than a safety cover? A safety cover that can work itself! Coverstar pool covers are in the category of automatic pool covers. This means that they retract and unroll simply by flipping a switch. 

On average, Coverstar pool covers require between 45 and 60 seconds to operate, depending on the size of the pool. A manually operated cover, on the other hand, can take several minutes and usually requires multiple people.

Protection from Debris

One of a pool cover’s main jobs is to keep debris out of the pool when it’s not in use. The last thing you want is to spend an hour skimming petals off your water when that blossom tree next to your pool finally blooms!

Covering your pool isn’t just about keeping petals, leaves, and bugs out of your swim space. It’s also about maintaining your pool’s filtration system. Yes, your pool skimmer is there to help remove debris from your water, but too much of it will clog the system. As a result, the water won’t circulate as well, and when it does, it won’t be as sanitary. 

A Coverstar pool cover reduces the demand on the skimmer by blocking falling debris wall to wall. This also means that you won’t have to spend as much time and energy vacuuming and skimming the water with a net!

Energy Efficiency

Heating your pool can be a big expense. If you rely only on the pool heater to keep your water warm, you’re bound to see your electric bills skyrocket. Your pool cover can help with that. 

A Coverstar pool cover acts as a passive solar heater, meaning it absorbs heat from the sun during the day, then slowly releases it into the water at night. Consequently, you don’t need the pool heater nearly as much.

Another benefit of the heavy cover is that it reduces evaporation. Less evaporation means that you won’t have to replenish the water or the chemicals as often, all contributing to you saving money.

What Else Do You Want to Know About Inground Pool Covers?

Do you have more questions about how a Coverstar pool cover can benefit your pool ownership? Reach out to us at Speck USA. Our expert pool builders will help you find the most attractive, cost-effective design elements from inground pool covers to liners!

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