DIY vs Professional Pool Maintenance

You’ve built the backyard retreat of a lifetime. And now you are wondering if DIY vs professional pool maintenance is right for you. Maybe you enjoy the challenge of taking care of your inground pool yourself. Or, maybe you’d rather enjoy the time at home swimming rather than maintaining your gorgeous pool. Here’s all the info you need to know to decide if DIY vs. professional pool maintenance is right for you.

What is Pool Maintenance?

Pool care begins with proper pool maintenance. But what is pool maintenance, exactly? Pool maintenance is a collection of those chores that you need to take care of routinely – usually on a weekly basis. Here are just a few that will need to be completed to keep your pool water clean and your equipment operating well.

  • Filtration: Is your water circulating correctly? Have you cleaned out skimmer baskets and maintained your filtration system? Is it time to backwash your filter?
  • Water Testing: Keeping your chemical balance consistent starts with water testing to show where your chemical levels are at. This is important, especially after very warm days, pool parties with extra bathers, or after rain and storms that blow contaminants into your pool.
  • Water Chemistry: The right chemical balance is key to clear and clean water. From chlorine or alternate sanitizing solutions to pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and more, all of your chemistry works together to help maintain that beautiful, clear water you love.
  • Pool Care and Cleaning: Next, the manual labor of vacuuming and cleaning your pool is something that needs to be done regularly. Consider an automated robotic cleaner to make cleaning the floor of your pool easier. If you have a gunite pool, brushing down the walls of your pool will help keep algae at bay.

Taking proper care of your pool will prevent cloudy water, green water, and the buildup of leaves and debris on the floor and steps of your pool. Proper filter cleaning will also help your water circulate properly, getting rid of contaminants. And the right chemical balance will protect your equipment and pool surfaces as well as your family’s skin, hair, eyes and swimsuits.

Consider the Time and Learning Curve DIY vs Professional Pool Maintenance Takes

Some pool owners enjoy the challenge of DIY pool maintenance. From balancing pool water with the right chemicals to sweeping and skimming, some pool owners have the time and attention that it takes to keep an inground pool operating at peak performance. 

If you are deciding which option is right for you, also consider the learning curve of pool care. Do you love learning and mastering new projects? If time for learning proper pool maintenance is an issue, you may consider hiring a professional pool service provider to take care of all of those weekly chores for you. 

When You are Ready to Call in the Pros

Thankfully, with professional inground pool service in Des Moines, you can trust Speck USA to take care of your pristine pool. Your service technician is knowledgeable and efficient, allowing you more time to spend with your family and friends relaxing and playing in your sparkling, clean aquatic oasis. Whether we have built your pool or you have an existing pool at your home, you can have confidence knowing you’ve hired the best pool care and service available. 

Are you ready to get started? Call Speck USA at 515-285-4649 today to get your pool on the right maintenance schedule. Soon, you can be enjoying evenings and weekends in your stunning pool. It all starts by hiring just the right company to do all the hard work so that you are left with lots of time to make the best memories with the ones you love.

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