Create an Epic Finished Basement with Concrete

This is the year! You will finally finish your basement so it looks just as epic as the rest of your home. How are you going to do it? Why not go for a finished basement with concrete?

“Wait a second,” you may be thinking. “Isn’t my basement already a collection of concrete slabs? Why would I want more concrete in the picture if I want a refined look?”

First of all, concrete is capable of so much more than patios, pool decks, and driveways (even though all those things are cause to celebrate). Concrete has a number of viable applications for the inside of your home as well. 

Your basement is an ideal place to start because it’s built with heavy-duty traffic in mind. The infrastructure is already there. Use it to your advantage.

Finished Basement With Concrete: How and Why?

At Speck USA, our team of concrete artisans has helped elevate the look of basements all over Des Moines for decades. From rustic stairs to shining floors, the options are there for you to make your basement look like more than a utility space.

So what exactly are the options? And how can they transform the space that may look a little more like a dungeon at the moment? Below, we’ve listed a few of our most tried-and-true concrete solutions, as well as some suggestions on how to apply them.

Surface Preparation

Concrete flooring is one of the most versatile applications you can incorporate into your finished basement concept. But while the objective is a finished basement, you must, as the old adage says, “Begin as you mean to go on.”

In the world of concrete, this means surface preparation. This is the crucial process through which we remove a concrete floor of imperfections like chips, cracks, adhesives, film residue, and so on. We tackle these problems through a variety of means (e.g., grinding, shot-blasting, pressure washing, etc.) so you’re left with a smoother, more level surface.

No, it won’t look like something from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous at first. But it will be ready for whatever flooring application you want to throw at it next. 


We could write an entire blog about epoxy flooring and how it’s a fitting solution for your home. In fact, we did! 4 Epoxy Flooring Applications for Homes explains the myriad ways epoxy’s non-slip, chemical repellant surface makes it ideal for spaces on your home’s basement level. Garages, powder rooms, and home gyms are just a few of the spaces epoxy’s no-fuss qualities can accelerate your journey to finishing your basement floors.

Polish & Dye

You’ve been dreaming of a man cave for years. And that side room in your basement is a perfect place for it. The real question is, “What makes the perfect flooring in a space where your guests slide bar stools and come over for the big game regularly?” Polish and dye.

Polish and dye offers your concrete a scuff-resistant surface with a notable luster. And its wide range of customizable colors makes it perfect for your new favorite space at home.

Stamped Concrete

One of the best characteristics of concrete is that you can make it look like other building materials. Imagine how impressed your guests will be when they compliment your basement’s new “hardwood floors,” and you say, “It’s actually concrete!”

Stamped concrete makes this possible. Through this process, poured concrete is stamped to resemble other materials such as wood, natural stone, or decorative tile. It’s a sturdy, elegant option for almost any room (and even stairs) in your basement.

Concrete Solutions for Iowa Basements

Your basement is ready for its makeover, and concrete is your best solution for making the magic happen. Contact Speck USA today. We’ll help you tackle your basement, room by room, through attractive, long-lasting concrete solutions you and your loved ones will enjoy.

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