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Concrete Solutions for Des Moines Restaurants

What conveniences are worth investing in for your restaurant? Chef-grade kitchen appliances, well-designed seating, and concrete solutions, right? Yes, concrete solutions.

Concrete offers businesses so much more than a trusty sidewalk or parking lot. It also has a number of indoor applications that are particularly useful in restaurants.

Concrete Solutions for Restaurants

At Speck USA, we’ve seen how different concrete applications boost the bottom line of restaurants all over Des Moines. Everything from the floor your guests and staff walk on to your restaurant’s ambiance stand to gain much from a professional addition. Here, we list just a few of the most prevalent concrete solutions for restaurants. Keep them in mind when your customers and health inspectors walk through the door.

Concrete Flooring

Yes, a concrete floor can be both stylish and durable, making it a superb fit for dining and cooking environments. Some of the most popular concrete flooring solutions include:

  1. Epoxy. There’s not a lot that epoxy flooring can’t do. It’s liquid repellent and slip resistant, making it ideal for kitchens and dining areas where you’re bound to see quite a few splashes and spills over time. 
  2. Polish & Dye. Polish and dye treatments are known for their customizable colors and scuff-resistant qualities. This makes them a great fit for bar and dining areas where chairs and stools make regular friction.
  3. Sealing. Even if you’re going for a more rustic feel with a traditional concrete pour, the best thing you can do for that floor is seal it. That way, you stave off cracks, chips, and other damage that reduces the floor’s lifetime.

Concrete Patios

Don’t forget the ground beneath your al fresco diners. A concrete patio is an elegant, resilient addition to your outdoor dining experience that is achievable through multiple methods.

Imagine dining on a cobblestone street in Rome or Paris. That is the effect stamped concrete delivers. With this method, a layer of concrete is poured and stamped to resemble your selection of building materials. Stamp patterns include natural stone, bricks, wood, and tile, all of which are available in a variety of colors. 

Fire Features

The ambiance is key to your restaurant’s success. Therefore, give some earnest thought to the special features you want to enhance your facility’s lighting, sound, and overall vibe. Fire features are stellar performers in this area. 

A fire pit, for example, makes an elegant addition to outdoor dining. One of the best qualities of fire pits is that they contribute to the lighting, the temperature, and the aural character of the space. What’s more, their potential for customization is such that you can go with a rustic look or something contemporary.

The same is true for outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces have the added quality of height to become a remarkable focal point for outdoor dining. What a special memory your guests will have when they enjoy appetizers and drinks next to your chic outdoor hearth.

Parking Lot

Yes, we said that concrete is so much more than sidewalks and parking lots. But ultimately, they too are part of your facility, and it’s vital that they be properly installed and maintained. 

Commercial parking lot services are one of Speck USA’s most longstanding specialties. Everything from concrete or asphalt installation to snow removal is in our repertoire. By taking advantage of these services, your parking lot stays smooth, safe, and easy to navigate. 

Visit our blog, Three Ways Parking Lot Service Improves Your Customer Service, for more tips on parking lot maintenance for businesses. 

The Best Dining Experience in Des Moines

People don’t just come to your restaurant for the food. They come for the whole dining experience, which includes the setting and the service. As the examples above show, concrete solutions have major potential to enhance both the function and atmosphere of your restaurant. 

Contact us at Speck USA today. We’ll collaborate with you on incredible solutions that will help you earn the title “Best Dining Experience in Des Moines.”

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