Commercial Parking Lot Paving: Maintaining Your Business’s Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Potential customers will never get a chance to see what’s inside your business if they are turned off by its lack of curb appeal. That’s why it’s vital to look into parking lot services and parking lot paving for your business. Thankfully, Speck USA is here to help with all the details you need concerning parking lot maintenance.

Parking Lot Services


When you have a pool, you can hire a company to clean and maintain it at regular intervals throughout the year. Did you know you can also hire professionals for regular parking lot maintenance? Here are some of the services offered by the parking lot experts at Speck USA.

  • Sweeping — removal of leaves, trash, and loose dirt
  • Power washing — removal of stuck-on dirt and discoloration
  • Re-striping — making those worn-out stripes fresh and vibrant
  • Snow removal — keeping your parking lot accessible during harsh Iowa winters


Parking lots cannot look like new forever, no matter how well they are maintained. Eventually, you may find that your parking lot is in desperate need of one of these repairs

  • Block installation or replacement — keeping your parking blocks looking clean-cut and visible
  • Sign installation or replacement — adding signage to relay important information
  • Crack sealing — preventing cracks from spreading or widening
  • Pothole repair — keeping your customers’ hubcaps intact

Parking Lot Paving


Every parking lot paving job should be topped with a fresh seal coat. Seal coating protects asphalt from damaging substances such as water, motor oil, and UV rays. Have your lot resealed every two to three years to keep it looking new for longer.


If your parking lot has too many cracks, then the numerous black squiggly lines that come with crack sealing would make it look even less attractive. In this case, it’s more efficient and aesthetic to resurface the asphalt or concrete.

Resurfacing involves removing the top layer of asphalt or concrete, sealing any cracks, and then re-paving to give it a fresh, solid look. This treatment can extend the life of your parking lot for another eight to fifteen years.


If your parking lot is over 20 years old, most professionals would recommend replacing it completely rather than resurfacing it.

Additionally, concrete or asphalt resurfacing won’t be enough to fix foundational issues. If it was improperly paved the first time or if there are tree roots disrupting the foundation, no amount of resurfacing is going to help.

A parking lot contractor will be able to look at the damage and determine if there are signs of a deeper problem. In these cases, if the parking lot is just resurfaced, the cracks would likely reappear over time.

Call Speck USA for Your Parking Lot Paving and Maintenance Needs

Now that you see the importance of having a pristine parking lot, it’s time to seek professional help for your business location. Speck USA has been in the parking lot industry for over 50 years, and for us, asphalt is an art form. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and impeccable attention to detail. Want us to prove it? Give us a call at 515-417-1477 today. 

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