Commercial Flooring: The Best Places to Use Concrete

Durable. Aesthetic. Cost-effective. Could you ask for anything more for your business’ commercial flooring? Concrete flooring is the surefire choice if you want to give professional, modern vibes without the hassle of higher maintenance floors. At Speck USA, we have been in the concrete business for over five decades, so you can trust our expertise. Check out these suggestions for the best places to use concrete flooring in commercial spaces.

Commercial Flooring in Restaurants

Restaurant dining rooms can suffer from significant wear and tear over the years. With concrete floors, you won’t have to worry about high-traffic areas looking any different from low-traffic areas over time. 

Additionally, concrete floors are abundantly easy to clean, as a quick sweep and mop are all they need after a night of food service. And stains? Forget about them! Red wine or marinara sauce won’t seep into concrete floors after they are sealed.


Does your restaurant offer dining al fresco? Then consider a stamped concrete patio, as this will give you the look of brick, slate, or cobblestone without the steep price tag. When stamped concrete gets dirty, all you need to do is spray it off with a water hose.


When it comes to commercial kitchens, you might want to have epoxy installed on top of your concrete floors. Epoxy floors offer the durability and stain resistance of polished concrete while being more slip resistant, which will prevent injured employees and broken dishes.

Commercial Flooring in Stores/Offices

Nothing says modern like the smooth, clean-cut look of polished concrete. Whether you own a boutique, design showroom, or realty office, concrete flooring will surely enhance your business’ first impression prowess.


Speaking of first impressions, you’ll need a great flooring choice for your grand entryway. You can opt for different stain colors to create an impressive pattern and then have it polished until your guests can see their reflection.

Commercial Flooring in Apartment Complexes

Everyone wants to feel like they are living in a luxurious place. Give current and future residents the feeling of luxury by implementing various concrete applications in and around your front office.


An often-overlooked aspect of apartment living is continually walking around on sidewalks. Stamped concrete sidewalks are the perfect, subtle way to increase your apartment complex’s perceived value. 

If you have the space, why not create a park for your residents with meandering sidewalks or a jogging track? Why not use sidewalks to lead renters to a brand-new basketball or pickleball court? With concrete, the possibilities are endless.

Pool decks

A refreshing, crystal-clear pool is nothing without a beautifully-stained concrete pool deck. Offer potential renters a resort-style pool deck and see how fast they will sign the dotted line.

Hire the Best Concrete Flooring Contractor in Des Moines

Speck USA’s workmanship quality is unmatched in the greater Des Moines area. When you combine that fact with our outstanding customer service, the choice is clear. Visit our website to learn more about all our commercial services, including parking lot services. Let us show you the difference that expertly crafted concrete can make.

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