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Backyard features
4 Backyard Features to Make Your Home a Private Getaway

Is the daily grind getting you down? Do you need a change of scenery? Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a beach vacation, why not invest in some backyard features and turn your home into the resort you’ve always wanted to visit? When you can increase your home’s value while creating a peaceful retreat for you and your family,

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Concrete patio, Des Moines concrete patio
Concrete Patio Ideas for Your Home

Is your backyard looking a little lackluster? A brand-new concrete patio will bring new life to any outdoor area. But we’re not talking about a plain, grey, boring concrete patio, though. At Speck USA, concrete is an art form. Once we know your #PatioGoals, we can customize the concrete to match your personal style. Need some ideas? Here’s some inspiration

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Parking lot repairs and parking lot services
Parking Lot Repairs to Make in Spring

It’s difficult to come back from a bad first impression. That’s why it’s essential to book parking lot repairs and ongoing parking lot services for your business starting this spring. Trust us: Iowa’s rising temperatures and snow melt tend to cause unsightly cracks and potholes. Give potential customers a good first impression before they even step out of their car

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How long does epoxy flooring last? Des Moines epoxy flooring
How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last?

When it comes to Des Moines epoxy flooring, Speck USA is here to give you a glistening garage, pristine patio, or world-class workshop. But you might be wondering, “How long does epoxy flooring last?” The answer to that question could be anywhere from ten to twenty years, depending on several factors. Here is more information about the durability of epoxy

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Pool renovation, and concrete pool renovations
6 Pool Renovation Features That Make a Statement

Whether your pool is showing wear and tear or is falling out of style, a pool renovation can make it look as good as new. Concrete pool renovations allow you not only to fix the problems in your pool but also to create a new, better version of your backyard oasis. Need some ideas? Here are six pool renovation features

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Having fun with a custom fire pit
9 Activities to Enjoy Around a Custom Fire Pit

The echoes of beauty you’ve seen transpire,  Resound through dying coals of a campfire. – Ernest Hemingway If you’re considering installing a custom fire pit in your backyard, you might be wondering how much you’ll actually use it. If you like entertaining your children, grandchildren, or friends, you’ll likely get ample use out of your investment. Whether it’s gas powered

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Pool after a vinyl liner replacement
How Will I Know If I Need a Vinyl Liner Replacement?

Do you think your pool needs a vinyl liner replacement? Or are you considering installing a vinyl liner in-ground pool in your backyard and want to know how long it will last? There are many benefits of going the vinyl liner route for your pool, but having to replace it every five years will negate those benefits. With proper care,

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Concrete floors, Des Moines concrete flooring
How to Clean Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are generally durable, low maintenance, and highly customizable. Sadly, self-cleaning concrete floors haven’t been invented yet, so until then, we’ll have to figure out how to clean our Des Moines concrete flooring ourselves (or figure out who to ask to come and clean it for us).  Speck USA is here to help you figure out whether or not

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Pool design ideas
Des Moines Pool Design Ideas

Now that you have decided to build an in-ground pool, looking at different pool design ideas ahead of your first consultation is essential. When you are more informed about the plethora of options, you will not feel so overwhelmed when it comes time to discuss the perfect pool. After all, if you’re going to invest in an outdoor oasis, you

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