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Close up of a fire in a round fire pit made of stone. Backyard summer safety tips include placing a fire pit over concrete and not putting flammable liquids in a fire pit
Backyard Summer Safety Tips

Your pool is open, your patio is decorated, and the smell of barbecue is in the air. You have everything you need to make your backyard a one-stop shop for summer fun. But did you read up on backyard summer safety tips? If not, here’s some excellent info for you. Between your pool, grill, and fire pit, you have several

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Surrounding your inground pool with a solid fence is one way to create more privacy around your pool
How to Create More Privacy Around Your Pool

Your backyard is supposed to be your own, little getaway. At the very least, you should be able to get some privacy around your pool, right? But no matter how hard you try, it seems like all of Des Moines makes its presence known the moment you set foot in the water. From your neighbors peeking over the fence to

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A rectangular inground pool with a blue liner sits in the sunlight. Pool maintenance is essential to preserving the look and functionality of pools like these.
Pool Maintenance 101

When you first imagined pool ownership, what did you see? Festive pool parties with family and friends? Relief from the summer sun? Brushing and vacuuming the pool interior? Okay, maybe not that last one so much. But the simple truth is that without thorough and regular pool maintenance, all those pleasant images that first inspired you to get a pool

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ext: Close up on two samples of polished concrete flooring. The high durability and low maintenance of polished concrete makes it one of the best flooring options for your business.
Function Plus Beauty: The Best Flooring Options for Your Business

Flooring options are always about style versus substance, right? Especially for a business facility. Wrong! The best flooring options for your business offer you both function and beauty in one efficient product. At Speck USA, you have the best flooring options for your business. Whether your company is more commercial or industrial, concrete flooring is a clear winner for high-traffic

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Two swimmers practice water aerobics fitness goals with sets of foam dumbbells
3 Ways to Meet Your Fitness Goals With Your Pool

How often do you dread the thought of your pool because your body isn’t “swimsuit ready”? Well, it’s time to reframe that thought and empower yourself by imagining how you can meet your fitness goals with your pool.  Here’s Speck USA’s list of 3 ways to meet your fitness goals* with your pool. And with an inground pool in Des

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A rectangular basement room is finished with two types of concrete flooring
The Best Concrete Flooring Options for Home Basements

Are you looking to boost your bottom line this year? If so, your basement has great potential for adding value to your home. But if its concrete floor is subpar, any vision you have for an upgrade is in jeopardy. Therefore, a few wise words from the experts on the best concrete flooring options for home basements will accelerate your

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A professional technician from a pool route service vacuums out an inground pool
Do I Need Weekly or Bi-Weekly Route Service for My Pool?

Are you looking for a solution to make pool ownership a bit easier? Unless you can consistently perform 100% of your pool’s required maintenance procedures, your best bet is to enlist a pool route service provider. Yes, there are, in fact, companies dedicated to servicing your pool on a regular basis in the way that your local postal worker makes

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pool with crack in need of pool renovation
5 Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

Pools do not last forever, as much as we all wish they did. So as the years go by, it is critical that pool owners take an honest look at the crown jewel of their backyard to decide if it is time for a pool renovation. If your pool is looking a little lackluster, here are 5 signs it’s time

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crew fixes parking lot
What is Your Parking Lot Saying About Your Business?

You may have heard it said, “You only get one chance to make a great first impression.” Many times business owners think about the impression a customer gets when walking through your company doors. But what is your parking lot saying about your business? When customers pull in to patronize your company, you want to give a great impression from

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