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Closeup on an elegant concrete floor as a worker applies a sealing coat with a rolling foam brush. Sealing is one method through which you can improve the appearance of concrete floors.
How to Improve the Appearance of Concrete Floors

Most people think concrete floors are all substance and no style. Not true! You can, in fact, improve the appearance of concrete floors without sacrificing their durability or draining your budget. You don’t have to live with the same, drab slab beneath your feet. Look at your options and reimagine your most dynamic spaces. Options That Improve the Appearance of

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A white pickup truck from Speck USA with a resurfacing vehicle in tow repairs a commercial parking lot. Resurfacing and sealing from professional-grade services like these are part of how to maintain your parking lot.
How to Maintain Your Parking Lot

With the cold weather fast approaching, this is an ideal time to investigate how to maintain your parking lot. Soon enough, the dryer weather will give way to snowfall, and those puddles will morph into mini frozen ponds. These conditions threaten your parking lot with cracks, potholes, and the unhappy customers that come with them. If only there were a

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Medium shot of a pick axe and shovel sitting in an empty inground pool with a faded, discolored vinyl pool liner. Discoloration and stains are signs that it's time to replace your vinyl liner.
3 Reasons Fall is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Vinyl Liner

Is this the year you need to replace your vinyl liner? It depends. Was Meghan Markle guest starring on CSI: Miami the last time your pool’s interior got a refresh? If so, now may be the time for your next vinyl liner replacement. Generally, you should get a solid 7-10 years out of your vinyl liner. With proper maintenance, you

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A parking lot newly paved with asphalt outside an Iowa business with several cars parked in it.
How to Make Your Parking Lot Feel Welcoming and Safe

Why should parking lot services matter to Iowa business owners? Think about it. What’s going to happen if your parking lot is so torn up that cars and people alike end up hurt after trying to cross it? You won’t get a sale out of that. You’ll get a lawsuit. At Speck USA, we don’t want that for you any

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An automatic Coverstar inground pool cover is partially extended across an inground pool.
Everything You Need to Know About Inground Pool Covers

When you describe your dream pool to people, how often do you mention the cover? Most people never do. Yet inground pool covers are as essential to the enjoyment and longevity of your swimming experience as any other feature you can think of.  Help yourself and your pool by getting acquainted with some of the basics. Here’s everything you need

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Close up of a few autumn leaves laying on the surface of a full, inground pool. Sites like this and falling temperatures are indicators of when to close your swimming pool in Iowa.
When to Close Your Swimming Pool in Iowa

Before you know it, it won’t be as hot when you get in your pool. That will spark the thought of when to close your swimming pool in Iowa. But before your brain starts rocketing through the winterization checklist, take a breath. You don’t need to close your pool now or even soon. If you are an Iowa pool owner,

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A large, industrial warehouse with concrete flooring sits open under fluorescent lighting.
The Complete Guide to Choosing Concrete Flooring

What on earth does concrete flooring have to do with elevating your bottom line? Quite a bit, actually. A concrete floor adds value to homes of all sizes and enhances business in all sectors.  Think of all the high-traffic, indoor areas you encounter throughout your day. The garage where you and your car roll in and out. Your local coffee

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outdoor living space with concrete patio and grass
How to Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

People often forget that their backyard counts as a living space. Even with dirt, wildlife, and weather in the environment, you can create a dream outdoor living space that yields lasting memories and greater value to your home.  The key is to figure out what you and your loved ones would enjoy doing the most in your backyard. Swim? Barbecue?

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