The Best Backyard Investments to Create More Family Fun Time

If you’re looking for ways to create more family fun time, inground pools, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits are three of the best investments you can make in your backyard! They’ll get your family outside (maybe even without their phones!), making memories together. If you’re looking for more quality time with your loved ones, let’s turn that blah outdoor space into your dream backyard.

Dreaming of Summer

Right now, your backyard might look pretty sad. Many trees will be bare, and animals and birds scarce. Family time is mainly spent indoors, staying warm. Does that mean you can’t plan for outdoor fun that will bring your family together year-round?

The time to invest in your backyard starts now.

Turn to the Backyard Experts

No matter the size of your yard, there’s always something you can add to it that’ll create more family fun time. But if you’re not a landscape designer, you might wonder what an improvement could look like. Thankfully, Speck USA has you covered.

As one of Central Iowa’s leading decorative concrete specialists, we know how to make your backyard an oasis. Whether you’re adding an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or inground pool, we provide the support you need to create the backyard of your dreams.

The 3 Best Backyard Investments

Here are three of the best ways to add value to your backyard that will bring your family together:

Inground Pools

Who can resist blue, sparkling water at the height of summer?

kids swimming in a pool

At Speck USA, we specialize in both gunite and vinyl liner inground pools. Whether you have a big backyard or small, we can design a pool for you that provides limitless fun for family members of all ages. If you want your house to be the neighborhood hotspot for your kids or grandkids and their friends – or if you’re looking for more ways to get your them outside and off of electronic devices – a pool won’t disappoint. 

Backyard Fire pits 

Fire pits are a family-friendly draw most of the year.

Together, you can enjoy a crisp, clear fall night bundled up by the fire pit drinking hot chocolate. In spring, outdoor time will be more pleasurable because the fire will discourage mosquitoes from hanging around. And who doesn’t have great memories of roasting marshmallows over a fire on summer nights? 

roasting marshmallow on a fire pit

Here at Speck USA, we create next-level fire pits that are an eye-catching feature of any backyard. Some of our most popular options include: 

  • In-patio fire pits that are built into your concrete patio
  • Fire tables, available in an array of sizes and shapes. 

Check out our Fire pits page to see some stunning examples. 

Outdoor Fireplaces

With a luxurious fireplace, your yard becomes a cozy outdoor living room, even on cool evenings. Add one to your outdoor kitchen, near your pool, or start from scratch and create a living area centered around the fire. 

Where To Get Started?

Check out the outdoor pages on our website. You’ll get lots of ideas for how to invest in your outdoor space. The sky’s the limit as far as we’re concerned. Chances are, if you can think of it, we can create it.

We’d love to help you create a backyard that inspires your family to have more fun together! Contact us to discuss your design. 

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