Backyard Design for 2023: What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Instead of resolving to eat better or exercise more in 2023, why not make a New Year’s resolution that will last for decades? Investing in backyard design this year will make you the hero of your family and the envy of your neighborhood. Speck USA is here with the top backyard design trends for 2023, and we are ready to help you turn these resolutions into a beautiful reality.

New Year, New Concrete Patio

New Year backyard design patio

Create a gathering space where your friends and family can get together in the coming new year. Whether you need to update your existing patio or extend it into your yard, there are dozens of finishing options that will make the concrete look anything but boring. 

  • Stamping will give the illusion of stone or bricks (see the picture above). 
  • Sealing or staining it will create a modern, clean-cut aesthetic. 
  • An epoxy covering is a great option for long-term durability.

Use Walkways to Enhance Your Backyard Design

Matching concrete walkways are the perfect way to connect your stylish patio to the other areas of your backyard. Any major traffic area should have a walkway to prevent matted, patchy grass. 

Build Your Dream Pool in the New Year

New year backyard design pool

A jaw-dropping pool design is sure to impress any guest who walks into your backyard. Speck USA can recommend any number of cool features to further enhance your pool design. From fountains to infinity edges to in-pool spas, your deepest pool desires can be achieved in 2023. Learn more about what kind of pool is right for your family.

Outdoor Counter Backyard Design

New year backyard design bar

A counter in front of your kitchen window or outdoor cooking space will make you a host extraordinaire this new year. You’ll be able to cook or make drinks while guests sit in front of you on comfortable bar stools. Your kids will be able to enjoy their after-swimming meal “al fresco” without getting the inside floors wet. 

New Year, New Swim-Up Bar

If you’re already considering a new pool in 2023, why not add a swim-up bar with in-pool stools? Now, that’s how you infuse resort-style amenities into your backyard design. All you’ll be missing is the sound of seagulls and crashing waves in the background.

A Fire Pit or Fireplace is the Cherry on Top

New year backyard design fire pit

Our last suggestion for a New Year’s resolution is to finally build that fireplace or fire pit area you’ve always wanted. Extend the amount of time you can spend outside during these chilly Iowa winters. Marshmallows need to be roasted, and memories need to be made. You can find more information about fire pits and fireplaces from Speck USA by scheduling your consultation.

Speck USA Makes Backyard Resolutions Come True

You deserve to have a relaxing retreat in your backyard. When it comes to stellar backyard upgrades, no one does it better than Speck USA. We have been making customers happy for over 50 years and creating a quality product has been our top priority from the very beginning. Contact us today to get started on your New Year’s resolution, because this year will be gone before you know it!

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