A Pool for Christmas: How to Surprise Your Family

The holiday season is here! Before you hit the stores, we have a very important question for you. Have you decided how to tell your family that they’re getting a pool for Christmas?

If not, don’t worry. Speck USA has you covered. We’ve had plenty of inground pool clients make this crucial decision at various times of the year. And we know some creative ways they’ve broken the news to their families while gathered around the Christmas tree.

The important thing to remember is that you have one chance to get this right. So don’t wait until the last minute to give some thought to how this is going to happen. If you don’t impart enough magic to this occasion, you may have to make up for it next year by getting a puppy and a car.

Don’t set yourself up for that pressure. Knock this one out of the park now, so next year, when the kids whip up their Christmas lists, you have this line in your back pocket: “You got a pool last year. Let’s take it a little easier on Santa this year.”

A Pool for Christmas in Iowa

Let’s make one thing very clear: we’re not saying that you’ll have a new pool in your backyard on Christmas morning. Even if we weren’t dealing with frozen ground in the dead of an Iowa winter, no one can build a pool as fast as Santa delivers toys.

Rather, we’re brainstorming ways to get the family excited about what’s to come in a few months. It may not be as grand as the real thing, but it can still be fun and worth capturing on video.

Christmas Card

The first option is to go for the simple, sleek Christmas card. Write a message for the fam to read out loud and listen as their voices quiver with anticipation as they read how next summer will be swim season at your house.

Write something that makes you all smile. A riddle. A poem. A heartfelt blurb. You can also include a picture of a pool in the card in case they need help taking the hint.

Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are a reliable way to help get the message across as well. To make this idea work, make the upper volume of the kids’ stockings showcase the usual stocking stuffers (e.g., candy, little trinkets, the random toothbrush, etc.). But fill the lower portion (the place where you have to go digging) with little pool supplies. Toys. Goggles. Maybe a water testing kit just to make them wonder a little bit.

When they look up at you with that priceless, perplexed look, you can explain that it’s all for their new pool!

Tree Ornament

This one is fun because it involves a treasure hunt. When all the unwrapping is concluded, tell the family that there’s one more big surprise waiting for them.

To know what it is, they must find the “new ornament” on the tree that will give them a clue. Soon, everyone’s up and circling the tree until they spot the flashy, pool-themed ornament you’ve placed on the tree the night before.

Once they get a load of Santa in swim trunks with a floaty that looks like Rudolph, they’ll jump for joy.

Daydream Together

If the aforementioned surprise methods aren’t for you, you could always rely on a little old-fashioned daydreaming. Take your family out to the backyard and have them all envision the best parts of your new pool. You can dream together about what can make this Christmas surprise the best one yet.

Make a Splash with Your Christmas Surprise 

As long as you give some earnest thought to the reveal, we know you’ll give the family a Christmas surprise they’ll never forget. In the meantime, contact Speck USA for a consultation on your new dream pool for next year. Time to enjoy your new pool together will be here before you know it!

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