5 Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

Pools do not last forever, as much as we all wish they did. So as the years go by, it is critical that pool owners take an honest look at the crown jewel of their backyard to decide if it is time for a pool renovation. If your pool is looking a little lackluster, here are 5 signs it’s time for a pool renovation.

Know the 5 Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

As you are assessing the functionality and appearance of your pool, we recommend looking for these five indicators of a much-needed upgrade:

  • Expanded Household 
  • Frequent Equipment Repairs
  • High Energy Bill 
  • Leakage
  • Deteriorating Surface Features 

1. Expanded Household 

Before you ask yourself, “Is my pool fun?” or “Is my pool stylish?” the question you need to ask is, “Is my pool safe?” The answer to that question depends largely on who you need to accommodate in your household. 

If you have a child or pet, look into child-proof fencing around your pool with reliable locks. That way, you’ll be prepared when those bundles of joy (be they human or of a more furry variety) get curious and go exploring. An automatic pool cover is also a fantastic way to secure your pool when it is not in use.

Also, consider the accessibility of your pool if you welcome older adults or people with mobility challenges into your home. Installing adaptive features like railings, a ramp, or an ADA lift would be a worthwhile addition to the pool’s design if this is the case. 

2. Frequent Equipment Repairs

You have repaired your pump umpteen times, but it is still waking you and your neighbors up at night. Or perhaps you still hear a rattling noise in your filter after you thought it was gone for good. If you find yourself placing more and more calls to your local pool repair service, chances are the whole kit and kaboodle needs to be replaced. 

Inground pools are notably sophisticated in terms of their components and operating systems. So the more time you let go by without upgrading its equipment, the more you will ultimately 

spend repairing the old stuff just to keep the pool manageable during peak season. Faulty or outdated equipment is also a primary suspect for the next item on the list.  

3. High Energy Bill

Pools consume a generous amount of energy, but that does not mean you should experience sticker shock when you read your monthly energy bill. If you do, it is likely that your pool equipment is near expiration. 

Hiring a renovation for your pool means you can incorporate more energy-efficient components into your pool’s design. The result is a more functional pool, a lower carbon footprint, and a lighter draw from your bank account – all of which are causes to celebrate!

4. Leakage

It happens to pool owners all the time. You spend days refilling the pool, getting it ready for the big Memorial Day opening. Then, the day after you say “Done!”, you look at the pool and see that the water level has dropped several inches. 

Sure enough, a professional confirms it through an inspection: your pool has leakage issues. Inground pools face a threat when it comes to leaks. With vulnerable spots subject to leaking, a renovation is the best way to ensure that your pool’s water level never disappoints again.

5. Surface Features Are Deteriorating 

Often, you can tell if it is time to renovate your pool before a drop of water goes into it. Simply look at the surface features. If you see cracked concrete, falling tiles, or ripped vinyl, the pool is overdue for a makeover.

Deterioration in these elements is not only a displeasing sight, but it means that the pool’s structural integrity is in jeopardy. A quality renovation will restore your pool’s original beauty and add years to its lifetime. But you need a pool professional who has understanding and experience in all the ins and outs of pool renovation.

Trust Speck USA to get the job done right. With fifty years of experience in concrete solutions and a burgeoning pool construction division, we have the expertise and materials to renovate your pool to top-tier status! Visit our pool construction & services page today for more information, or contact us to request a consultation! With these 5 signs it’s time for a pool renovation, you’ll never again have to wonder if the time is right.

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