5 Reasons to Invest in Snow Removal Services for Your Business

Businesses that don’t invest in snow removal services can end up losing a lot of money. Think about it: How much do you enjoy trekking through snow and ice when you’re running errands? It’s probably not on your list of favorite things. Your customers are no different. With all the risks posed to bodies and vehicles, there’s not much to look forward to in a snow-covered parking lot.

Therefore, if you want to keep your business running smoothly during the winter, it’s important to hire a snow removal service. This is where Speck USA has you covered. We’ve performed commercial snow removal for businesses all over Iowa. So, before Mother Nature blankets us in a dense shroud of snow and ice, you want to put our snow removal team on the speed dial. Here are five reasons why.

1. Safety Hazards

One of the biggest dangers posed by snow and ice is their potential to cause slips and falls. Packed snow and ice cause a loss of traction on the parking lot surface. Thus, your employees and customers are more likely to lose their footing walking across the lot. Slips and falls like these can lead to injuries and, consequently, expensive lawsuits. 

This same risk extends to vehicles traveling across your parking lot in the snow. Just as people (and their shoes) are less able to grip the cold, slick surface, the same is true for tires. And one thing you definitely don’t need is vehicles colliding with anything in your parking lot. By keeping your lot clear of snow and ice, you can help reduce the risk of these accidents.

2. Traffic Problems

How will your customers reach you if they can’t find the entrance to your parking lot? Snow can block access to your business if it isn’t removed effectively. Additionally, if snow and ice obscure the markings in your lot, it can cause traffic problems. These challenges often lead to a loss of business, so take the preventative measure of hiring a snow removal service before winter unleashes its fury.

3. Professional Appearance

Your business only has curb appeal when you can see the curb. And while snow accumulation makes this more challenging in the winter, customers can still tell the difference between a professional snow removal job and a slapdash job done by untrained recruits. 

They will show their appreciation for you if you show your appreciation for them. Demonstrate your concern for their safety and convenience by enlisting the pros to clear your parking lot, sidewalk, and signage. You’ll be surprised by how much loyalty it can inspire.

4. Staff Demands

Hiring the pros is also a wise logistical move. Clearing snow is a daunting task, but it has to be done. A snow removal service takes that responsibility away from you and your staff. Leave snow stuff to us so you and your team can focus more on growing your business.  

5. Post-Winter Issues

Winter is often a rollercoaster ride of precipitation falling, freezing, thawing, and freezing again. Thus, any water in the ground goes through a repetitive process of expanding and contracting, causing the surface to break up into those notorious potholes, which means more costly repairs for you post-winter. Nip that drama in the bud with snow removal services, and you can look forward to a more profitable spring.

Des Moines Snow Removal Services

The snowy season will descend upon Des Moines before we know it. If you want a reliable way to keep your parking lot safe and accessible during the winter months, contact us at Speck USA. Our snow removal team will help you keep your traffic moving smoothly and safely so you can make a profit despite the weather. 

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