5 Features to Take Your Pool Design Over the Top

You’ve made the exciting choice to bring the best in backyard recreation home to stay. Installing a pool is one of the most wonderful additions you can make to your home. Adding fun features to your aquatic space can help ensure that it’s absolutely perfect for your family. Pool design options can be overwhelming, but don’t let this make you anxious. With Speck USA, you’ll have all the help you need in designing your perfect oasis. Here are five features to take your pool design over the top!

Exciting Extras Make Pool Time Fun

Your pool can boast fun for all ages when you bring in those outstanding extras. That’s why Speck USA offers amenities from S.R. SmithTM, so that you can build the retreat of a lifetime. Add features like a fun slide, diving board, in-pool seating, or even in-pool sports like basketball and volleyball. Dunk or spike on your friends, slip and slide into the deep, or lounge the day away. The sky’s the limit on all of the fun features you can add to make your pool the premier place to swim and play.

The Pool Cover that Applies Itself

Protect your beautiful new investment with an automatic pool cover. Your Coverstar automatic pool cover is one of the most innovative pool covers on the market today – allowing you to keep your pool covered anytime it’s not in use.

Not only is this a fantastic safety feature, it also helps you save on utility and chemical costs by preventing water and chemical evaporation and helping your water retain the correct temperature. Want to make maintenance easy as can be? Your automatic pool cover keeps dirt and debris out of your water. This means less cleaning and more time enjoying your pool.

Sometimes It’s Okay to Get Salty

You will use chemicals to treat your pool water and keep it clean. Traditional pool chemicals are safe to use, but sometimes they can be rough on your family’s skin and hair. Need an alternative? A saltwater pool system makes natural chlorine from salt.

The resulting salt water is just as hygienic, but also less harsh than chlorine tablets or granules. If you have sensitive skin, or just want softer pool water, Speck USA’s iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator from Pentair is a great solution when designing your pool.

Pool Heater = More Pool Time

After all of that time and investment, it’s a shame to only be able to swim and play three or four months out of the year. Don’t think that you are limited to chilly swims in spring and fall. Add the incredible feature of a Pentair pool heater from Speck USA!

A pool heater allows you to extend your swim season – letting you open your pool up earlier in spring and leaving it open later in the fall. Combined with an automatic pool cover, it’s truly the perfect solution. Your family will love the extra time in your pool, and you’ll be so glad you added this fantastic feature.

Also, consider a stunning fire pit or outdoor fireplace to give you an extra nice way to dry off once you leave the pool.

Coordinate It All In One Place

Want the convenience of smart pool automation? Coordinate your pool systems from your smartphone, voice assistant, smart watch, tablet or other device with Speck USA’s pool automation system offerings from Pentair. Monitor your sanitation and pH, heat your water to the perfect temperature, or run your pump when you want, from wherever you are.

From your seat at work to your living room couch, you can make sure your pool is taken care of before you even step out the door. With multiple options, trust Speck USA to guide you to the best fit for your pool.

Slide into Luxury and Comfort with our Pool Design Professionals

Get started today on the features to take your pool design over the top. Adding just the right amenities will make your backyard pool the premier space to be! Not only will you be proud of your pool, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Schedule your consultation with Speck USA to help you bring your A-game to family fun. You can call us at 515.285.4649 or contact us online. Or, stop in to  browse our showroom for ideas and speak with one of our design specialists. You can start designing the pool of your dreams anytime with the incredible products, features, and staff you’ll only find at Speck USA.

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