4 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Spring has sprung, and with it all of the lovely things that beautifully bloom each year. But there’s just one problem… You have a drab and dreary, driveway, patio, stairs, or walkway. Don’t waste another minute wishing the front of your home was just as beautiful as this Iowa spring. Here are 4 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal this year.

Dreamy Driveway

The first and largest area that people will see when they drive by your home is, of course, your driveway. Your driveway takes up prime real estate and can make or break that first impression of the home you love. If you have a cracking Iowa driveway from fluctuating midwest temperatures, you may be ready for an upgrade. From a smoothed-surface finish to a stamped, textured, or decorative concrete look, you can beautifully update your home just the way you please. Or, if your driveway is paved, a new coat of sealant can make your driveway look like new. Either way, you’ll have a focal point that looks as fresh as a new spring day.

Wonderful Walkways

From your driveway is the path that leads up to your front patio. This should be a path that’s clear and hazard free. If your walkways have seen better days, don’t fret! A decorative concrete walkway is just the ticket to some incredible curb appeal. Not only will it look wonderful this year, concrete walkways are a breeze to take care of. Simply wash away the dirt with a hose or power washer each spring for a fresh, clean start to warm weather. Line your walkway with new flowers to complete the look of a cared-for space.

Spectacular Stairs

As your walkway leads up to your stairs, you may notice cracking, chipping, etching and more on each step. Don’t neglect the entrance stairs that lead up to your porch and door. Whether your steps need a fresh coat of concrete or complete repair, choosing your favorite look will only enhance the gorgeous curb appeal of your house.

Pristine Porch

A stunning front porch should be the highlight of your home. How is yours looking this year? If your porch is feeling a little lackluster, there are remedies that can help improve your situation. From fresh decorative concrete to planters filled with flowers, you can create a great first impression of your Iowa home. You can even place an outdoor area rug and some comfortable porch seating to design a space to stay and sit awhile.

Choose from Experience

Making your curb appeal sing is easy when you choose the exceptional services of Speck USA. With 50 years of experience, we are experts in the concrete applications you need to make your home more beautiful than ever. Choose from your full-service selection of residential concrete for your home in the greater Des Moines area. With quality and craftsmanship that can’t be beat, you can take your curb appeal to the next level. Contact Speck USA today at 515-285-4649 to get started. 

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