3 Ways to Meet Your Fitness Goals With Your Pool

How often do you dread the thought of your pool because your body isn’t “swimsuit ready”? Well, it’s time to reframe that thought and empower yourself by imagining how you can meet your fitness goals with your pool. 

Here’s Speck USA’s list of 3 ways to meet your fitness goals* with your pool. And with an inground pool in Des Moines, it couldn’t be easier.

1. Water Aerobics

When it comes to resistance and balance training, you will be hard pressed to find a better environment than the pool. This is why water aerobics is growing in popularity. Is that like a Jane Fonda workout in the water? It could be, but the variety does not stop there. Other forms of vertical pool exercise include water pilates, aqua Zumba, and aqua jogging. In each variation, the resistance of the water enhances your ability to strengthen muscles (especially core muscles), build endurance, and increase flexibility. 

Another unique benefit of water aerobics is buoyancy. While most aerobic practices require high-impact, repetitive movements, the water helps support a significant portion of a person’s body weight, thus reducing the demand on bones and joints. It is no surprise, then, that water aerobics is especially prevalent among people with osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and other conditions that limit mobility. 

To intensify your water aerobic workout, add foam weights, webbed resistance gloves, kickboards, or a buoyancy belt. And do not neglect a good, old-fashioned pool noodle. Its water-resistant composition makes it a versatile, low-cost reinforcement for balance training in the pool.

2. Cardio Swimming Exercises

Numerous studies have shown swimming’s positive impact on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Specifically, swimming helps lower blood pressure and improve circulation. This translates to more oxygen and less waste throughout your circulatory system.

And let us not forget what all of us want to hear when it comes to exercise: It is a fantastic calorie burner! A 160-pound person swimming at a modest pace can burn over 400 calories per hour. That rate increases as you gradually build up the pace. 

Therefore, if weight loss is one of your fitness goals, pool cardio can significantly boost your progress provided you practice in warm water with good technique and the appropriate regularity. Be sure to vary the styles with which you swim your laps (e.g., breaststroke, backstroke, etc.). By doing so, you build various muscle groups as opposed to overdeveloping just one. 

3. Swimming for Stress Management

Whatever your fitness goals, stress management is a critical component of your success. Without it, you are less likely to stay engaged with any fitness program and, in turn, exacerbate any current health issues (physical or mental) you may have.

A wealth of research speaks to swimming’s capacity to reduce stress levels. Through regular exercise like swimming, you stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin (i.e., two of the “feel good” chemicals) in your brain. Furthermore, you also minimize the release of cortisol, a stress hormone.

By programming your body’s stress response in this way, you improve both your mood and sleep patterns, which play key roles in promoting physical well-being.

How will your pool support your fitness goals?

Are you ready to revitalize your fitness goals? Your pool is a great place to start! Don’t have a pool yet? Design your perfect inground pool in Iowa for all your fitness needs with the support of Speck USA – your trusted pool builder. And if you already have a pool, ask us about our maintenance services to make sure you and your pool stay healthy throughout the swim season. With Speck USA on your side, you’ll have the perfect place to meet your fitness goals in your pool.

*Consult your healthcare provider before engaging in any fitness regimen to make sure it is a fit for your unique needs.

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